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 Your false savior has arrived~ [Private/Satoru/No Kill]

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PostSubject: Your false savior has arrived~ [Private/Satoru/No Kill]   Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:18 am

Baki was calmly sitting in-front of the inn, staff in hand as his half-lidded eyes looked around him. Numerous people have surrounded him, eyes filled with awe as they gazed upon his muscular form. The golden circlets around his wrists, ankles, and toes glimmered and shined within the light of the day, as well as the two diamond-shaped golden earrings at the end of his stretched earlobes. Even his staff shined with its luxurious metallic nature. Not even the dry soil below him could've stained the metals. With a soft smile, he slowly raised his left hand and lightly waved. "Hello." He said in a soft voice that hid his perfidious nature. Just from that the people, whose clothes were ragged and showed their status of mere farmers, began to whisper amongst themselves about the man before them. Baki simply responded with a warm smile before an older man with a walking stick came up to him. He lightly bowed his head. "Who might you be? You definitely don't seem to be around these parts." The man would say as he eyed Baki with his one good eye while stroking the small tuff of hair on his chin.

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Your false savior has arrived~ [Private/Satoru/No Kill]
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