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 Satoru Uchiha Character Application

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Satoru Uchiha
Satoru Uchiha

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PostSubject: Satoru Uchiha Character Application   Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:16 pm

Satoru Uchiha

Basic Info

Birthdate: October 26
Age: 13
Gender: M
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'1
Weight: 99 lb
Appearance: Satoru is an average-sized young male of ninety nine pounds. He has spikey silver hair and blue eyes and he typically wears baggy clothing, with his usual attire consisting of long-sleeved and dark-colored shirts. Most of his clothes have a turtleneck. He also wears blue and white boots. His skin color is pale and his body shape is rather lean thanks to a good metabolism. When moving around he usually wears a six-strapped white backpack.

The Person

Background: Being born in the Uchiha Clan, Satoru's parents, his Uchiha father and Clanless mother, both expected plenty from him and his siblings. Worried they would stray away from the family as they grew older and studied to become Shinobi at the Academy, his parents would end up becoming controlling, preferring to keep an eye on their children at all times and even having others find them and immediately bring them back to their home should they even be slightly late in returning home. As a result Satoru didn't exactly have a lot of friends, as generally they had to go through his parents and earn their approval if they are discovered. All in all, this created strain on the family and distanced them from one another until, one day, Satoru's elder siblings all went off to live with his aunts and uncles on his mother's side, whom of which all didn't like how she and his father had treated them.

Eventually Satoru, whom of which didn't like being controlled by his parents and having his entire future be decided by them, ran away, using the timespan of which his parents were sure he was in the Academy to his advantage and running away, leaving Konoha as a runaway child, where he would become a wanderer, relying on his own wits and on his parent's estranged family members for support. Since he ran away Satoru's fickle personality would flourish, becoming large enough that he decided plenty of things on whether or not they interested them, along with his loyalties, which would just as quickly change soon enough as well.
Personality: Generally caring to only those he likes, Satoru usually acts nonchalant or uncaring to those that do not fall into his circle of good relations. Generally, even with those he is close with, Satoru is secretive or deceitful thanks to his being a cautious individual. Lying comes more easily to him at times than telling the truth does. He is also bold and easily annoyed, which leads to him frequently using profanity or to him insulting others when annoyed. Being extremely fickle, it doesn't take much for something he finds somewhat interesting to quickly bore him, either, which can also be seen as he also on occasion uses "bleh" in his speech. He can also be quite greedy at times too, as he never was one to share things he obtained, whether it be something meaningless like a pencil to money. Generally, however, despite his greediness, boldness, or easily annoyed attitude, his caution reigns above all, making him observe before confronting another, or to double-think as to whether or not he trusts someone before he follows a request requiring to do so. In a way this both helps and hurts him, as some opportunities are closed at the cost of safety.

He can also be stubborn when he isn't intimidated, wishing to last the longest in comparison to another. This makes him rather bull-headed in an argument, as he will continue until he can either realize he's wrong or until he gets the last word in. He can also be petty at times as well, liking the feeling he gets from getting back at someone. Generally, his personality as a whole makes him rather mischievous at times.
- Independence
- Money
- Getting his way
- Sarcasm
- Family
- Stealing
- Being Controlled
- Parents
- Boredom
- Losing

The Ninja

Rank: E Rank
Affiliation: Wanderer
Specialty: Space-Time Ninjutsu
Element: Katon
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan
Health Pool: 50
Chakra Pool: 50
Strength: 1
Speed: 2


Alternate Characters: Yuudai Suzuki, Nakushita Akari, Myojin Yashagoro
Roleplay Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Satoru Uchiha Character Application   Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:17 pm

Approved Satoru
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Satoru Uchiha Character Application
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