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 demon's blade (wip)

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Yuaito Doji
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Academy Student
Yuaito Doji

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PostSubject: demon's blade (wip)   Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:40 am

Name: (Name of jutsu)

Rank: (Jutsu Rank)

Element: (Element(s) needed)

Specialties: (Specialties needed)

Requirements: must be in the doji clan

Description: (How the jutsu looks like and what it does. Be very specific and include range and speed.)

Damage: (Damage it can do. Refer to jutsu rules for more information)

Chakra: (How much chakra does it cost)

Cooldown: (Posts Before re-using)

Word Count: (Word Count it takes to learn)

Cannon or Custom: (Which of both)
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demon's blade (wip)
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