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 Who wants a piece of the champ!? [Solo, Training, Complete]

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PostSubject: Who wants a piece of the champ!? [Solo, Training, Complete]   Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:34 am

There was not a single cloud within the bright blue sky, though a few birds were passing by. Despite being a small trading village that laid upon the border of one of the Countries which housed one of the Five Great Hidden Villages, it was rather active and full of people. Men, women, children, even animals were bustling around the street. Farmers were bringing in their crops to sell, hostesses were walking about and trying to get some customers, kids were running around and playing. Despite this, there was also a good amount of people who weren't native to the village. Some men and women were tourists or were just simply passing by, while some of the more grizzly and suspicious people were more so looking for trouble or refuge. One in particular stood out from them.

He was very large, being almost seven feet in height. He has sleek, gelled back green hair. His eyes were as a red as the blood moon. He wore red slacks and a green, floral button-up shirt that was a open. Around his neck was a golden chain while a total of seven rings adorned his fingers. Bandages covered his abdominal area, though his muscular physique was still quite apparent. Held upon his shoulder, almost like a baseball bat, was a four foot long spiked kanabo. It rested almost casually, as if he brought it everywhere with him. The man never looked at anyone else, only forward as a toothy smile was plastered upon his face. The man's name was Monamasume, and he was currently just moving along for once.

He came to the village for food and rest, no other real reason. Perhaps even get some members for his yakuza while he's there. Nonetheless, the giant man continued walking, his red eyes scanning for anything of interest. After a few more moments of walking, he eventually did find something. A dark alley way and, within it, about five young men who seem eager to do some dirty deeds. With a chuckle, Monamasume turned and headed towards them. All five of them, who were dressed in dirty and ragged kimono, looked at their intruder. Monamasume dwarfed them all due to his size, and was seemingly more stronger than all of them. Thus, they all grew defensive, ready to lash out if it need be. They especially eyed the large weapon in his left hand that was resting on his left shoulder. "Hello men...." The red-eyed beast spoke as he chuckled again, his teeth being clearly visible. "I can tell you haven't made a score in sometime. How about you come with me for a little while...and show you how to do it." His grin not subsiding, one of the men spoke. He had a bang covering one of his eyes and his form was lithe, making him somewhat feminine.

"As if. We don't need to be led by some outsider like you." His voice was quite firm despite his looks, though Monamasume wasn't intimidated. "Yeah, we don't need some fancy fuck like you teachin' us shit!" Spat another, who was much more vulgar looking than the previous man with a noticeable feature being his beady eyes and large chin. Ignoring him, Monamasume took a step closer to the feminine man. "Don't need me to help you make something, eh? How about...I help you in some other way." Monamasume would purr with a mad look on his face, greatly enjoying the sudden discomfort the man felt. "Get the hell away me y-" " don't need to talk, only feel." With that, he brought a hand to the man's shoulder, upon whom he immediately ripped off. "Fuckin' gross..." He would say as he took a step back from the much larger man, fear beginning to fill his eyes. "HEY! LEAVE 'EM ALONE!" One of the five men yelled. Monamasume slightly turned to the source of the nose behind him.

The man wore circular sunglasses and bore a fu manchu. He was a bald and his skin was a dark tan. Monamasume, looking back at the feminine man, suddenly lashed out. His large hand wrapped around his throat and slowly lifted him up into the air, his feet dangling as he struggled. "Make me." The yakuza would say firmly, his smile never leaving him. With that, the sunglasses wearing man charged at Monamasume, who responded with a very quick swing of his kanabo. The mace smashed against the man's head and threw him onto the very near wall. Blood began to run down his face as he slowly slided down to the ground, knocked out. The remaining three looked at Monamasume, eyes widen and fists clenched. Monamasume simply rested the kanabo back on his shoulder as he still held the feminine man in the air.

After a moment of silence, the three men charged at Monamasume. Monamasume responded with suddenly throwing the feminine man at the man in the middle who was rushing him. After that, Monamasume swung his kanabo to the right-most man, the weapon connecting with a distinct "clunk" sound and knocking the man out. The remaining man threw a right hook which landed upon Monamasume's cheek. However, he would then respond with a punch of his own, hitting the man right in the face. Blood flooded from his nose as he felt his face in pain, not noticing Monamasume reeling his leg back before smashing his foot into the man's chest, knocking him down. Slowly returning to his proper stature, Monamasume let out a laugh. "You wouldn't be in the pain you felt now if ya just came with me." He would say before hearing movement. Looking to the source, he found it was the feminine man trying to crawl away. Taking a mere two large steps, Monamasume closed the distant and planted his foot on the man's back. "Just tell me if you want a good time!" He mocked as he removed his foot from the frightened man's back and walked back onto the street, resuming his stroll.


I gained 2 stat points from this which I'll to speed and strength
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PostSubject: Re: Who wants a piece of the champ!? [Solo, Training, Complete]   Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:37 am

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Who wants a piece of the champ!? [Solo, Training, Complete]
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