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 Body Replacement(Private Training)(Complete)

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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Body Replacement(Private Training)(Complete)   Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:41 pm

Kurohime walked through the frigid village without a chill throughout her body. This was due to her kekkai genkai making her body extremely cold. Some people said that she had a cold personality because of her kekkai genkai, others just said it was because of her body being so cold. But the real reason why she was an extremely cold person was because she felt that she did not need emotions in order to be an effective kunoichi so she crushed them as soon as she entered the academy.

Since that day, Kurohime felt absolutely nothing. The last time she felt anything was when she punched a kid that tried to kiss her. She did not understand it was a party game that people played to get their first kiss. To Kurohime that was completely and utterly confusing. 'Why would you need to feel an emotion to breed,' she had asked herself within her mind. Emotions would only get a person killed. It was one of the reasons why she dressed like she did, and revealed as much skin as she possibly could.

She was using herself as a weapon against the primal desires of other people, like she planned on doing. When the girl entered the training ground she looked around and saw relatively nothing she could use in order to learn the technique that she was planning on learning that day which was the body replacement.

Standing near a mound of snow she stared at it before flashing through the hand seals that were required to perform the technique. On reaching the last hand seal she pushed her chakra out of her body towards the snow mound, and the result was her appearing inside of the snow mound. Shrugging, she stood up with nearly a shiver. She was completely OK with being in a mound of snow.

Looking around she walked towards another snow mound. This time she was planning on doing something different. She was going to pull the mound of snow towards her while she pushed her body towards the position where the mound stood. Flashing through the hand seals once more, she pulled the mound towards her while she moved to where the mound once was. With a puff of smoke she succeeded. "Adequate performance," she said out loud and continued, "But still too slow. I need to do the signs faster." And so the academy student continued to train in order to master the jutsu.
(411 words, Jutsu Learned with 20 CP?)
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Nakushita Akari
Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Body Replacement(Private Training)(Complete)   Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:03 pm

411 - 250 = 161

411/250 Body Replacement Technique learned!

161 leftover is inadequate for any PP in general~
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Body Replacement(Private Training)(Complete)
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