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 Water Shuriken Training(Complete)

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Academy Student

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PostSubject: Water Shuriken Training(Complete)   Tue Jun 07, 2016 4:09 pm

Kurohime walked towards the training grounds with determination in her eyes, she had mastered all of the E-ranked ninjutsu that she had to know in order to have at least an easy chance at graduating from the academy. Now it was time for her to put her skills to the test and learn a D-ranked Water jutsu for her to use on missions and against enemies. This was why she was walking to the training grounds. She had a couple scrolls in her hands in order for her to start learning the two ninjutsu. If she were to time them both right in hand seals, she could boost the velocity of the water and make it deal even more damage than what it would do alone.

She of course did not want to just stick to a single element and be a one trick pony, no the girl was planning on mastering both Water and Wind, as well as her kekkei genkai and another element that did not make up her Hyoton, to surprise people when they think she just knows Water, Wind, and Ice Release jutsu. She was deciding which element she should learn, it could not be fire due to her hating any and all heat, she didn't want to do earth due to her not liking to get dirty. It had to be Lightning she had decided.

It would suit her needs perfectly, and she would learn some lightning based barrier ninjutsu to keep people within her Yuki secret clan jutsu, that they don't share with anyone not even the non-kekkei genkai users of the ice release which was just a pale replication. The girl felt insulted that they thought that it was an acceptable replication of the kekkai genkai, she was going to crush them all and use the true ice release to do it.

She was going to turn all of the snow, and ice in the land of snow against them, and watch as their hopelessness set in before killing them. A near invisible smirk beset the girl's face as she thought of that. The young girl wondered if she could forcibly change her ice jutsu into a more sinister color, like black. Grinning she walked into the training field with the scrolls in hand. Reading through them she, nodded and walked towards the pond that had fuinjutsu to keep it at warm temperatures so people could practice water jutsu.

The girl pulled out the scroll on the water jutsu and quickly read through it, learning the hand seal and the other requirements for the jutsu. Quickly nodding, the girl created the snake seal and concentrated on the water while pushing her chakra into it. With a single stomp of her foot, five blobs of water shot out of the water while forming into shuriken in mid flight. The shuriken flew towards a random direction before dissipating in mid air. The girl grinned slightly, it seemed as though she figured out that she had a Suiton affinity which meant that suiton were easier for her to do.

(519 words|Water Shuriken(D-rank) Learned!)

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PostSubject: Re: Water Shuriken Training(Complete)   Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:13 pm

Granted Water Shuriken!
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Water Shuriken Training(Complete)
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