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 Indra Uchiha

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Indra Uchiha

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PostSubject: Indra Uchiha   Mon May 16, 2016 4:55 pm

Indra Uchiha

Basic Info

Birthdate: January 14
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Indra has black eyes and spiky black hair, his face has a narrow draw down to his chin matching with his overall physique. In the village most women consider him to be very attractive, his body really shows his calm and cool demeanor. He wears a black forehead protector with the symbol for Konohagakure etched on the plate, his torso covered by a short sleeved black shirt. His shirt sporting the Uchiha crest on it's left arm, a basic Jounin style flak jacket zipped over his body. His lower body covered with basic black ninja trousers and shin high black ninja sandals, his arms covered by cloth sleeves that stop short of the shirt sleeves.

The Person

Indra was the first born son of Kenchi and Gin Uchiha, two very respected members of the Uchiha clan in Konohagakure. His childhood was marked with violence when a man broke into the Uchiha district of Konohagakure while Indra was only four, there first handed he witnessed death and casualties of his clan. The merciless killer was advanced beyond so many of the fellow Uchiha causing them to fall to his hands, It was Kenchi who finally subdued the murderer and destroyed the many eyes he had collected.  This of course lead to a traumatizing effects on the young Uchiha, leading to his ideals growing closer and closer to that of a pacifist.
Pushing his beliefs harder he met a man named Kisui who believed life was worthless as long as it could parrish then it was not worth living, that of course pointed the young Uchiha to his life of a pacifist not wanting to harm yet never wanting to grow weak and be unable to protect those of innocence. Wanting to not grow weak and be unable to put forth in order to protect those who needed it and perhaps bring peace to the world, Indra began to become anti-social and focus his time on training his self to become the best he could be. During this him at some point began to find a facination with the raven and eventually developed a kinship with the majestic bird of black.

Even though Indra found peace and love to be his way of life unlike most shinobi, he was a prodigy in the ninja arts able to surpass many of the villagers epectations and came to be known as the best of his generation. Able to keep outstanding grades in all the classes of the academy and being capable of quickly learning all kinds of new jutsu to improve his arsenal, he even learned a few Jonin level jutsu on his own by reading sacred Uchiha texts. He slowly became watched and looked up to by his peers and the younglings of the village.

Indra turned seven and graduated from the Academy at the top of his class, he was then placed on a ninja team where he was sent on a mission to simply retreive a golden ring for the Daimyo to signify a treaty with between states. During this mission the team was attacked by a rogue ninja who overwhelmed the young team, during the attack Kino a member who had become a friend of Indra was killed in front of him awakening the Sharingan in his eye. Which he combined with his Sensei to turn the tides and defeat the enemy, After returning from the mission he devoted the rest of the year to training and mastering the Sharingan. He accomplished his task and shortly after entered the Chunin exams with his fellow team member, this made them the smallest team to ever enter the exams, consisting only two genin.

To no ones surprise he was promoted in only a month of being a Chunin, so under this new title of Jonin Indra found his self heading his own team. As the leader of Team 12 he lead many successful missions and even had his team taught so well that they were able to perform A-ranked missions as Genin, but by the time of the Chunin Exams they had entered and Indra found his self on the list for a new team.

Indra is has always been a quiet and knowledgable, he has always portrayed a level of maturity. He has contained with in his self the ability to handle many situations both physically and mentally, lacking friends caused him to spend his time studying the Uchiha clan and their abilities. Despite his feelings on killing, Indra knows that the greater good of his village comes before his own feelings. Commiting to training allowed him to become very independant in order to remove emotions from he deeds, plus it helped him fill the desire of strength to save his family and his village. Indra desires to end all battles in the least violent way possible, that being said if a battle could be ended by genjutsu versus trying to slice someone to pieces and create a horrible end he would choose to destroy the mind with genjutsu.

- Uchiha
- Konohagakure
- Training
- Family
- Peace

- War
- Murderers
- Giving Up
- Death
- Destruction

The Ninja

Rank: Jounin
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Specialty: Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuinjutsu
Element: Fire, Lightning, Earth
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan (Three Tomoe)
Health Pool: 200
Chakra Pool: 200
Strength: 3
Speed: 6


Alternate Characters:
Roleplay Sample:

Indra was laying on the wall of Konohakure no Sato when a carrier hawk soared over then dove down landing in front of him. It seemed strange, What could the kage want at this time of day? So leaning back and placing his arms above his head Indra kicked forward flipping off the wall and down to his feet on the ground below, a small cloud pushing outward from impact. It took no more than 3 seconds for Indra to be walking into the Kage office and dropping to his knee in respect, "Hokage, sir. What is it? I came as soon as I received your messenger hawk." A file was slid across the desk and collected by Indra. After a short moment of reading the information all that was done in response was a simple nod of Indra's head, he was then gone. Night descended upon the desert a small ember of a fire seen in the distance as Indra closed in on the bandits, walking into the camp his face covered a smile hidden as he secretly scoped out the three men who leaped from their seats. One was slightly large and seemed like he made clumsy movements, the other two were smaller and seemed more precise yet less powerful. One of the small men charged at Indra drawing a kunai, he jabbed for the left part of Indra's throat. Missing it due to Indra ducking retaliating with a upward thrust of his left knee driving deep into his abdomen, a sweeping kick from the other small shinobi caused Indra to drop back catching his body with his hands. With his position he kicked with both feet upward into the first attackers chin, this sent him in a flip and caused his kunai to slip free from his hand. Indra then propelled his self forward grasping the kunai and spinning on to his feet with the kunai tightly in his left hand, his right gripped tightly in a fist as he slid into a position between the large man and the second skinny attacker. The first attacker was laying 10 foot from them unconscious and no longer a threat, the first to strike was the large man who thrust forward with a closed fist hoping to land a blow to Indra who leaned to his left narrowly dodging, returning a blow from the kunai in his left side just below his rib cage. That would cause at least a punctured lung, this was visible as the blood began to drip from his lips and his lifeless body fell to the ground. The kunai still in his hand Indra turned his attention to the trembling Shinobi that remained, his eyes alone sent a chill into this bandits bones. Indra charged forward moving side to side in order to make the bandit unaware of his attacks location, but instead was met with a surprising clash of steel when the shaken ninja drew a small ninjato. Clashing time and time again Kunai to blade, they fought for a short time before Indra allowed the man to stab into his left shoulder then grabbing the hilt with his barely movable left hand. With the shinobi caught in a sacrificial trap he stabbed the Kunai deep into the under portion of the mans chin ending his life once and for all, Indra turned around to see the final shinobi still asleep from the beginning blow this was going to end soon. Indra walked over to the man stopping only long enough to pick up the ninjato of this bandits comrade, he then stopped for the final time standing above him where he delivered the final ending attack jabbing the blade through the shinobi's heart twisting it and leaving the body tacked to the ground. Turning he mumbled the words "A shame, they could have learned so much, but they chose this life, this death." with the final word he seemed to vanish as he took off through the forest headed for his home. Upon arriving he turned in his paperwork and smiled, it was just another day defending his nations people and the children of the future.
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The Ninja

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Indra Uchiha
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