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 Kumagawa Uchiha

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PostSubject: Kumagawa Uchiha    Tue May 17, 2016 8:34 pm

Kumagawa Uchiha

Basic Info

Birthdate: 9/9
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165lbs

Kumagawa stands at 5 foot and 9 inches. He weighed at around 165lbs with his skinny body type. He has brown hazel eyes that is sometimes covered by his hair in the mornings.  Kumagawa usually has to tie it up to keep it out of his eyes. He also usually sports a hat, T-Shirt and Jeans when he is out in the public and not at work. He mostly wears it when he wants people to think of him as the average civilian. He also likes to wear black glasses as well. Though he doesn't need to wear them, because he doesn't have bad eyesight. Personally he likes to wear them along with his ensemble.

Not only that on his tongue, hands and back, he has strange markings on his slightly muscular body. Kumagawa has taken to calling them battle scars, though they are just weird birth marks. Kumagawa has no defined muscles rather he has the bare amount needed so that it isn't all fat. Contrary to his personality, Kumagawa tends to look like the quiet type. Like he rather be doing something other than fighting someone.

The Person


Kumagawa was born in the embrace of the Uchiha clan. His parents were both shinobi outstanding by normal means but not special among the clan. They were shinobi known for doing what they needed to do to complete a mission. Due to that Kuma didn't have a very special childhood. As a kid he would play with all the other children, at school he would do about average, and at home he would be chided by his parents to do better. He was the average shinobi.

Once he turned 12 he became a genin. He did his fair share of basic missions and such. He didn't unlock his sharingan until two year later when during a mission where his team had to capture a thief. Which was a C-Rank mission at the time. When he got back home where he thought his new found ability would be celebrated it turns out he was only made fun of in turn. Turns out his abilities had unlocked rather late in Uchiha standards.

It was then Kumagawa entered a sort of depression. It seemed being a late bloomer was the final straw for his parents as his 10 year old sister unlocked her sharingan months before him. So seeing as she showed much more promise than he, his parents began to focus more on her. They saw to her training, taught her things that they never showed Kuma.

His heart sunk as lost the attention of both his parents. It even went as far as them not to show up to the final round of the chunin exam of which Kumagawa was participating, nor did they offer to help train him. During the month lull, Kumagawa had train by himself. His sibling had got herself knocked out in the earlier match. While Kumagawa won the entire thing. So at the age of 16 Kumagawa became a chunin.
he is a simple boy. He likes to read, sleep, and eat. Most whom see him and talk to him call him simple. He himself would agree with them. He has no true need to rule, he has no desire to crush an enemy under his feet. His only desire in life is to live an easy one maybe with a pretty girl. One without war, without conquest, without struggle. Though he wishes for an easy life and may present himself as being a weak man he is anything but weak. When it comes to something he believes in he will be the first to stand and the first to raise his sword. He merely prefers to avoid actual conflict with verbal conversation first.

Kumagawa is almost never seen without his trademark smile. It is always seen on his face whether he is breaking down a ninja's plan, peeping on women, or vivdly describing his wildest fantasies in front of anyone he will always keep a wide smile on his face. Kumagawa is also very hard to anger, due to the fact that he is very laid back. Unfortunately Kumagawa is also very lazy. He will do almost whatever it takes to avoid work but unfortunately he usually fails. Kumagawa is no above using his signature innocent smile and supposed 'good looks' to get whatever he needs to do done, and will do it if it makes his life easier. He is a believer that the ends justifies the means. That if it means the overall safety of the majority would be saved by the temporary displeasure of that same majority, Kumagawa is respects a contract or a verbal agreement. Once the deal has been struck it will take a lot of convincing to make Kumagawa let go of the deal or to go back on his word.

- Sleeping
- Training
- Taijutsu
- Sister
- Parents
- Chocolate

The Ninja

Rank: Chunin
Affiliation: Konogakure
Specialty: Ninjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu
Element: Fire & Water
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan (2 Tome)
Health Pool: 150
Chakra Pool: 150
Speed: 5


Alternate Characters: n/a
Roleplay Sample:
Walking through Konogakure wearing his usual suit and tie Kumagawa began to look around. Pulling a cigarette out of his pocket he turned down a corner and walked into the first bar that he could find. It had been a long day for Kumagawa, he spent most of it avoiding people who actually wanted him to do something, like his landlord who wanted him to pay his rent or the ninja academy who wanted him to train one or two of the shinobi or even worst the shinobi who wanted him to meet the Konohagakure.

Kumagawa sighed, he didn't want to meet the kage, the kage would probably force him to do some high ranked missions or worse, do work in general. Why? Why would the kage care what Kumagawa did? Probably cause he was one of few shinobi who had enough guts to steal from the kage's wine cellar. That takes balls, It was even stranger that Kumagawa didn't now who the Hokage was in the first place but one didn't need to know one's face to steal from them, all they needed was the stuff in the cellar.

Sitting at the bar counter, Kumagawa ordered a bottle of sake. Sitting there he began to look around the room, there were very few people in the bar, but it was midday it would be very weird if a bar was full at midday. Kumagawa shrugged it didn't matter how many people were in a bar, he took a cup and filled it up with sake and took a sip. Waiting for something to happen.

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The Ninja

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Kumagawa Uchiha
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