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 De Su Yuki

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The Ninja

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Desu Yuki

De Su Yuki Tumblr_static_tumblr_mzfovysrim1s0adc8o2_500

Basic Info

Birthdate: December 2nd
Age: Thirty-six
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 151 lbs.

The Person

Background: Desu, among several others, was raised to be a model shinobi. Her training was militaristic to say the least, albeit to this day she remains grateful for it. Albeit, with age Desu had come to realize the fact that she suffered from multiple personalities disorder. And where as she herself was a below average student, her other half was top of the ladder in every aspect. She aged into a fine shinobi, fulfilling different jobs for anyone who was willing to pay the right price. She herself never liked the idea of taking orders, not once, but her other half liked it as long as she got a fight out of it, and so it was a struggle to keep her other half from taking the wheel when she didn’t want her to. By time she was twenty she had eventually risen to a position of leadership, and while rather amoral, like her mentors, she took no displeasure with raising children soldiers. She was intent on finding a way to separate herself from what she only considered a plague though; her other half. When she was twenty-six, she finally succeeded when she managed to develop the Fission Technique and mastered it to the point that she could split their psyches. The side effect of having her power halved was annoying, but worth it.

Her other half didn’t mind taking missions and she pretty much found any mission she could to get her out and away from the camp. When she was twenty-eight though one particular mission hd gone south though when Su had been captured. It took her three years to find her, albeit not soon enough. Apparently a group of genjutsu & fuinjutsu masters had seen her as enough of a threat to try mind controlling her. When that had failed due to Su’s strong willpower they instead opted for a seal which to this day causes her to break out in extreme panic & anxiety if she feels even the slightest bit threatened. Her personality was still the same narcissistic person De knew, but she could no longer back it up as easily.

Soon after the formation of the village Kirigakure, their camp had been raided by the Mist’s forces and Desu had been captured. Displayed before the Mizukage, she was faced with death or swearing her loyalty. She did what was most obvious and swore loyalty to Kirigakure. Su liked taking orders so she was pleased with the way things was, but De wanted the position of Mizukage herself. Four years later she found the opportunity to do just that when the Mizukage had been found dead. The shinobi that made up the Mist were all a rough around the edges bunch of broad shoulder men and the only terms for the next leader was that they prove their self the strongest person in the village. Desu gladly did just that and became Nodaime Mizukage with her goal of conquering all other villages set.
Personality: Being born with multiple personality disorder, for a good bit of her life, Desu has had to deal with keeping her alternate side in check. She herself is a calm and relatively serious woman. She does cares for the great good of her village and the world on a whole though. She is extremely ambitious & headstrong, particularly driven by her goal to unite all the nations under her rule.

Her other half is a much more impulsive creature. She's arrogant, she's selfish and is driven primarily by a love for chaos. Albeit she is also a combat genius and a skilled tactician. Albeit since after five years ago when she was captured by enemy forces and then conditioned with an extreme case of anxiety, she's also just all talk these days since someone actually standing up to her quickly causes her to retreat in fear until she has had sufficient time to gather herself (3 posts).

Since developing the Fission technique, Desu has been able to separate herself from her other half, preferring to call herself "De" and her other half "Su" when they are separated. Still, the two does retain some traits from the other. The main switch being that where as De was once noble and honorable, she now would use anything to win, while Su now has that strong sense of nobility and honor.
- Fighting: More so Su, but both sides of her enjoys a good fight and would charge head first into a battlefield, ready to die.
- Unity: De wants to unite all the villages under her rule and she’s willing to go to war with all the villages to do just that. Her reason is actually for good though since she’s simply trying to avoid the inevitable wars that would come if the villages remained separated any longer, she also foresees a war comng from whoever was responsible for the first Godaimes deaths.
- Strategy: Su is a master strategist and even with her current condition, she makes use of strategy well in combat.
- Losing: Desu isn’t exactly a sore loser and she in fact believes in growth through failure, but like anyone she’d prefer to avoid losing to begin with.
- Idealist: War is a thing. People die. Shinobi are ruthless. The world isn’t all rainbows and she hopes more people would come to realize that.
- Most of the other kages: For the same reason she dislikes idealists, Desu thinks most of the other kages are blind and stupid for not seeing what she sees.

The Ninja

Rank: Mizukage
Affiliation: Kirigakure
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu.
Element: Water, Wind, Ice
Kekkei Genkai: Ice Release
Health Pool: 300
Chakra Pool: 300
Strength: 5
Speed: 8


Alternate Characters: N/A
Roleplay Sample:What she had said wasn't entirely a lie. She knew she didn't need to suck up to the village as much as she did. She didn't need to tend to their every whim and command. It wasn't even like her. But she always believed in always doing things at maximum efficiency. Besides, at this point it wasn't even her doing it anyway. She had long ago mentality set her personality for the task. Quite a unique ability of hers. "I know you will," she responded simply.

Desu herself was well aware of her beauty. She was well aware that her choice of attire didn't leave much to imagination. But it was fanservice to her village for their loyalty, she supposed. Alas, she needed to maintain respect among them and so beyond a few moments of unintentional fanservice, she didn't give them the satisfaction of tarnishing her dignity, even if slightly.

"My god, how forgetful of me," she said recalling the drink she offered with a laugh. "Forgot we were on the same page regarding that. Anyway, I'm not your maid, I don't have to serve you. Just drink whatever you like," she offered.

The subject matter for the summit really wasn't something she had thought much of since she received the invitation truly. Cause while she was a cautious woman, stumbling over impeding threats rather than dealing with what was right in front of you, was only going to serve to alienate both causes. And other than the Snow village problem, she cared not for the latter three individuals mentioned. "Possibly," she said simply.

She had to commend the Nara's boldness, familiar as it was. "Payment?" she hummed. "Unfortunately not. I would have done all the things that would actually require time and effort and honestly your job mostly entails speaking on my behalf when it relates to the council," she said, taking a seat beside'th him. "I mainly offer as to give you experience in the role for unforetold circumstances."

"I do hope the lack of compensation won't dissuade you," she said, resting her head on his shoulder.
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The Ninja

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De Su Yuki Tumblr_m8ir96crqd1rz43f7o1_500
Heatlh: 300
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De Su Yuki
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