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PostSubject: Ikazuchi   Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:34 pm

Clan Name: Ikazuchi

Kekkei Genkai: Storm Release (嵐遁 - Ranton)

Clan Jutsu: To be Added

History: The Ikazuchi is one of the native clans to the Land of Lightning. Before the establishment of villages, myths and legends were made about the Ikazuchi clan and their strange element of Ranton. Some legends stated they were descended from Raijin, the Thunder God and, thus, were somewhat divine in their heritage. Others said that their element was actually an extension of their soul, which they used against their opponents. Though these were naturally proven false as time passed, they only serve as a testament to the might of the Ikazuchi. They were so powerful, in-fact, that they helped found Kumogakure's creation. Thus, the clan is highly revered amongst some of the older residence of the village.

Custom or Canon: Custom

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Kin Hayata

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PostSubject: Re: Ikazuchi   Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:37 pm

Approved Clan

Specialty:Ninjutsul,Medical , Barrier, Genjutsu  
Element: Wind, Earth , Lightning
Health Pool: 300
Chakra Pool: 300
Armor Pool: 100 (Body)
Strength: 6
Speed 7
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