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 The Stalker

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PostSubject: The Stalker   Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:22 am

Name: The Stalker
Rank: B
Description: Ichimomo Kureha, formerly a manager of some cushy office job. Now, after having his business shutdown and sabotaged by competitors, stalks the alley ways of Iwagakure in a trenchcoat while wielding a knife. He may come off as a nice man but don't be fooled. He's already killed over 20 woman who thought he was just a guy who lost his way. Track him down and kill him.

Ichimomo has Level 6 Speed and Level 5 Strength. He carries a A-Rank Dagger with 60 Sharpness and 25 Durability. He only appears late at night. He has 180 Health and 0 Chakra. Be careful. Despite not being a ninja, he is very quiet and is capable of ambushing shinobi. He also has a tendency of stalking his victims before attacking.

The Back-Alley Stabber:

Pay: 1,000
Wordcount: 1,500
Village: Iwagakure
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Sakina Hikaeme

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PostSubject: Re: The Stalker   Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:24 pm

Approved Stalker


Health Pool: 152

Chakra Pool: 159 

Strength: 6

Speed: 4 
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The Stalker
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