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 White Chakra Tanto

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PostSubject: White Chakra Tanto   Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:40 pm

Weapons Template

Name: White Chakra Tanto
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Tanto/Small Ninjato
Range: The blade is a half meter in length, and the handle is a quarter in length.

Capabilities: This blade is able to be infused with Chakra, to increase the sharpness by 5. When swung with nature-less  Chakra it leaves behind a white streak. However, Shinji is able to infuse lightning release and increase the sharpness by 10. Infusing nature-less chakra requires 5 Chakra per swing, while using Chakra nature it requires 10  Chakra per swing.

Description: The small blade is able to swing very fast and has the following base stats:

Durability: 40
Sharpness: 30

Costs: 1,000 Ryo
Requirements: Shinji Specific
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Sakina Hikaeme

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PostSubject: Re: White Chakra Tanto   Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:43 pm

Approved Shinji


Health Pool: 152

Chakra Pool: 159 

Strength: 6

Speed: 4 
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White Chakra Tanto
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