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 Hyuga, Rai

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Rai Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Hyuga, Rai   Sat May 28, 2016 12:04 am

~Hyuga, Rai ~

Basic Info

Birthdate:Janurary 1
Blood Type:B
Appearance:Rai takes after most in his family with his slate white eyes and long black hair, which he keeps up in intricate white headpieces called kenseikan, wearing three on top of his head and another two on the right side. Jus skin is pale and without blemishes.
Unlike the traditional white robes of the Hyuga, he wears black ones instead, as well as a white scarf. He wears fingerless white tekkō which only cover the back of his hands. Even though his weapons of choice are scalpels and senbon, Rai is rarely seen without a katana at his side.
When on duty as an anbu member, Rai wears the traditional attire, down to the tattoo that he shares with other members. He wears his hitaite around his waist, holding the sheath to his blade.

The Person

Background:Born as heir to the noble Hyuga clan, Rai was taught to hold himself a certain way. Since he could walk, he was told that he had to be strong for the sake of his clan, and in doing so his people inadvertently put a lot of weight on his shoulders. He grew as any heir would, away from his peers who were sent off to the academy. Instead, he was brutally trained by his father. Rai was good for his age, but his father was never one to hold back. He often had to heal himself with homemade salves that began his love for the healing arts.
Learning both taijutsu with his daily, and medical ninjutsu on his own, Rai grew into a force to be reckoned with. But it wasn't until he reached his late teens that his longing to help others allowed him to join the villages shinobi forces against his families wishes. Climbing the ranks, he now holds a position of power where he can help as many people in the village as he can.

Calm- Rai is freakishly calm, even when in the midst of a life or death situation. He seems to just accept everything that is going on, facing it head on with a smile plastered on his face. To him, being patient and respectful is a vital part of his way of life, because professionalism is key in the way of the ninja.

Cold- Rai's actions are very calculated and straightforward, they can sometimes be described as cold. He is able to throw away his emotions at a moments notice to get the job done, whether its taking out a helpless bystander to gain the upper hand in battle or threatening a loved one to make them tick. His words are very blunt, even among his allies, but when in front of an enemy, he can be downright evil.

Manipulative- Whether it be a man or a woman, Rai can finesse his way out of a tough situation. His not above stroking someones ego, and in a females case flattering a fair maiden to get

-Learning new jutsu
-Fighting Tough Opponents

-Carefree people

The Ninja

Rank: ANBU
Specialty:Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Ninjutsu
Kekkei Genkai:Byakugan
Health Pool:250
Chakra Pool:250


Alternate Characters:N/A
Roleplay Sample:
Zhan was excited...Well at least as excited as he could ever be. This was his first real mission as a genin. Sure, it was easy enough. All he had to do was hunt down some stray animal that was causing a bit of trouble for the village. It was a cake walk compared to the things he had done by his parents side, but no less serious. With his signature smile on, he walked casually throughout the village. The details of the mission played through his mind over and over as his feet led him to his destination.

A rather large alligator had been spotted going through the markets and eating many of the merchants food. It initially went after the fish that was sold there, but it would eat whatever was along the way as well. The citizens had attempted to subdue it themselves on several occasions, but it proved to bee too strong and wild for even the boldest of them to capture. Zhan's current mission was to find the giant gator, stop it without causing it any permanent damage, and report it to his superiors. He nodded to himself. How hard could it be?

Poking his nose in the air, he sniffed out what would be ahead of him. There was, of course, a lot of people ahead, rushing around with an urgency that only another civilian could understand. Z would never attempt to understand why those who didn't have to worry about dying on a daily bases could be anything but cool, calm and collected. If he could live with just being a farmer or builder then he would be the most layed back person in the world. Bored as hell, but still layed back. Stopping, he inhaled deeply and caught a scent that couldn't be mistaken. It smelled of muddy water and raw fish. It could only be one thing.

As if on cue, a woman's scream reached his ears as if it was right next to him, and he turned to find that it was coming form the same direction as the smell. Breaking off into a run, he weaved through running people as the sounds of thrashing and chomping grew more and more clear. This was definitely where he was supposed to be. Within seconds, the scene came into view. A huge green beast was lying on the ground, taking up half of the street. His head was in a barrel, no doubt eating its contents as it's tail waved back and forth. Whether to keep away the villagers or because of pure bliss, Z didn't know. Those few villagers that remained kept their distance, hiding in plain sight until the threat was gone. The sad realization kicked in that they were doing what they were used to, it had become a normal reaction to wait things out and reconcile later. Grabbing a fish that had found it's way on the floor not too far away, Z jumped over the Gators tail and onto it's back, slapping it in the eye with the very thing it craved most.

The beast roared and began to writhe uncontrollably, making Zhan stumble before jumping and finding his footing a few feet away.Turning away from it's meal, it glared at Z as he held the fish like a sword. Roaring once more, it waddled over to the boy with surprising speed, attempting to chew on him next. Z jumped away, this time landing next to the barrel. The beast turned again, this time bringing down a stand of fruits with its powerful tail. The scene seemed to freeze as the opponents stared each other down, and for a small moment, Z could have sworn that the beat in front of him was formulating a plan. It was as if he was looking into the eyes of a human.

Smiling and deeming it impossible, he reached deep within and let out a loud roar, imitating the loud beast as best as he could. It seemed to have worked, because the Gator shot towards him once more, no doubt going in for the kill. Z smirked, because he was planning on doing just that. When the beast drew close enough he dropped the fish and replaced it with the barrel, swinging it with all his might until it struck the oncoming animal, knocking it on its back.. And this was his chance. Freeing his hands of the barrel, Z mounted the gator and wrapped his arms around it to avoid being thrown off. It twisted and turned like it once had, but this time to no avail. Zhan was already in position. He opened his mouth and bit down as hard as he could.

The beast let out another sound, but it was not like the ones Z heard before. It was a cry of pain as the boy began to drain it of it's blood. It panicked and rolled around when it realized that it was no longer the great beast, it was prey. In doing so, it managed to roll back on it's stomach, attempting to crush Z before he managed to drain it dry. But this only made the genin bite down harder, forcing another cry from it's mouth. The villagers watched in both disgust and awe as the gators movements began to slow.

Zhan was being crushed, but his energy was being replenished as fast as it was going. Now, it was just a waiting game as he listened to the the beasts heart rate get lower and lower. He wasn't planning on killing it, just taking enough blood for it to pass out. But who knew it had so much of the stuff? He loosened his grip as its movements stopped. The cold substance went down his throat slowly but surely. Oh how he hated cold blood. Soon, the gators eyes rolled, indicating it was out for the count. Retracting his fangs, Z pushed the heavy mass off of him and began to slowly drag it where it couldn't do anymore harm. Next he would have to go to the kage's office for a briefing. He smiled. Not so bad for a first mission.
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PostSubject: Re: Hyuga, Rai   Sat May 28, 2016 2:05 am

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Hyuga, Rai
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