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 Byakuran WIP

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PostSubject: Byakuran WIP   Wed May 25, 2016 7:09 pm

Byakuran Kaguya

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Basic Info

Age: 13
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O negative
Height: 5'10
Weight: 165lbs
Byakuran is a fairly-tall teenager with blue hair in a so-called pineapple style. His left eye is blue and his right eye is red. He weights around 165lbs and stands at 5' 10". he usually wears a black jacket, a white T-shirt, a black necktie and black trousers with boots, including two white belts.

While in disguise he is a tall, very muscular man with long black hair that is braided into two large bangs on each side of his face. During his first appearance, because the headband constantly shaded his eyes, he appeared very cruel. he wears Native American robes with a red headband. The headband has two large feathers in the side and a white pattern. He has five silver rings on his right hand, each shaped like one of his five totem spirits.
The Person

Many shinobi have humble beginnings of loss at young age. Byakuran was no different. In the stage of infantry he was taken by a secret group of shinobi. Their goal was to perform a dark ritual which could truly give eternal life but it came at a coss. Each shinobi had to collect the hearts of 5 powerful infants of chakra nature and sacrifice them to the ritual. Taking Byakuran they identified him as a earth nature shinobi, like the other children he had an abundance of chakra. The group had possession of Byakuran for around a month before they began to perform the jutsu.

The shinobi began to stab the infants. Starting with fire, then wind, then when he came to earth, he stood over Byakuran. Lifting the kunai the shinobi began to bring down the kunai pointing at Byakuran’s soft chest. Luckily the kunai only scratched his chest. The shinobi on the other hand fell to the ground, his neck snapped. Behind the shinobi stood a giant monkey. No, not kidding a giant monkey. The monkey lifted Byakuran from the ritual pedestal and handed him to a familiar man with a shinobi headband. It was Byakuran’s father. Byakuran was still too young to understand what was being said but what he did know was that he wasn’t exactly in the safest place even if he was in his father’s arms. His father seemed to exchange words with a strange dark eerie voice that still haunted Byakuran’s mind to this day. Then Byakuran was handed to his mother who handed him to a monkey that took him and the other shinobi children home.

Hours passed, Byakuran stayed in his house alone with a single shinobi monkey and a few aburame shinobi. The monkey did entertain Byakuran for an hour or two but it was obvious even to the 2 month old that something was wrong. And unfortunately for Byakuran he was right. Coming through the door was his father being supported by his mother. His father had multiple stab wounds in the back and his skin was as white as snow. His mother who also looked pale only had one arm. Her left arm was only a stub where her entire forearm once was. The moment they came in the father lifted from the mother’s grasp and hobbled over to Byakuran. Looking at his son Byakuran’s father smiled, and placed a long chain necklace next to Byakuran before finally passing away. His mother had passed out once the father let go, the shinobi monkey moved to take care of Byakuran’s mother and tried to do the same for his father. Unfortunately Byakuran was aware of the truth before the monkeys and was the first to cry out. Byakuran had lost his father.

Academy arc:

Like everyone else Byakuran was a relatively happy kid. He enrolled in the ninja academy and like most he did well. He never really had much problem doing anything or so people would think. Though he never had any real stress or any tangible reason he was alway protective of his mother. His mother though she had lost both her husband and her left arm she had never quit being a shinobi and not only did she not quit she started to become infamous as the one handed demonic siren.

In fact she made sure to encourage Byakuran to be like his father, to be a strong shinobi and make the name Byakuran feared. Unfortunately Byakuran still being a young child didn’t care much about being well known but he did care about his mother’s wishes and well being. Seeing as he was the one who took care of her wounds and was trained by her after ninja academy, he couldn’t help but worry about her when she came back late at night after a 2 day mission with her one good arm bleeding profusely.

Either way, Byakuran did what he could to make life easy for his mother. He cooked and cleaned, and treated his mother wounds and in turn she made the money for the household and trained him after school. It was a relatively simple setup and a easy one. Years later he would graduate from the academy to become a genin.
Byakuran is a quiet man speaking only when it is absolutely necessary. Very few can get him to say anything more than he needs to, only his friends are able to get him to say anything more. When he does speak he can be very sarcastic, always poking fun at whatever is said and making fun of whatever is done. While he doesn't look it, he is a very talkative shinobi when he is around friends. Other then that he finds himself always standing on the outside of the spot light, never truely being noticed, its not something that he finds any pleasure in. When he trains Byakuran is a perfectionist. He doesn't like to mess up anything, any technique he uses must be executed to his own idea of perfection. When Byakuran learns a technique he is not very open to the idea of his technique being performed incorrectly.

Whenever he is around people Byakuran is seen being the more mature person of the group. While he does enjoy the feeling of an interesting battle, he is not above retreating when the battle get is to tough. Which causes others to think of Byakuran as a coward. Yet many find themselves thinking differently when he starts fighting. When bored Byakuran likes to read books, mostly about things he doesn't know much about. He is also shown to be intelligent when he chooses to talk, which isn't often.

While Byakuran is a shinobi with many talents he can be forgetful when it comes to trivial matters, such as forgetting wear clothes when he is contemplating a problem. Byakuran also has a small problem saying exactly saying the right thing around crowds due to his acute stage fright, hence why he stays quiet around strangers. Byakuran is also easy to impress when it comes to new things, if he hasn't seen it before he will almost always show interest in it. Byakuran is weak against women, its not that he is naturally subservient to women but he lived in a family where his mother ruled. Which causes him to be taken advantage of by women who either catches his interest or he doesn't know. Though it only works once, after he is fooled once he isn't fooled twice.


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Byakuran WIP
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