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 Hive Technique

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PostSubject: Hive Technique   Hive Technique EmptyFri May 20, 2016 11:34 pm

Name: Hive Technique.

Rank: A-rank.

Element: Varies.

Specialties: Ninjutsu

Requirements: Be taught by Desu.

Description: The Hive Technique was devised by Desu Yuki as a means to maximize the efficiency of her cloning techniques. She developed it after hearing stories of the Rinengan and it's Six Paths abilities. By using it she can create a perfect network between her and her clones where they can see, hear, taste, smell, feel and share thoughts remotely across each other. Connections across clones can be cut at anytime, for such instances where one clone is in agonizing pain it won't affect her or the others.

Damage: N/A.


Cooldown: (Posts Before re-using)

Word Count: (Word Count it takes to learn)

Cannon or Custom: Custom.
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Hive Technique
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