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 Cloud Strife

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Cloud Strife
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain
Cloud Strife

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PostSubject: Cloud Strife   Fri May 20, 2016 1:46 am

Cloud Strife

Basic Info

Blood Type:
Weight:173 lbs
Appearance: Cloud for the most part stays inside of his ANBU uniform with his left arm sleeveless and right arm fully black steel sleeved. His spiky blonde hair stands out inside of the Hidden Leaf immensely. His hands have fingerless gloves on each of them. On top of that, Cloud carries a huge sword on his back. There is a scar over his left shoulder that was received from the very blade he wears now. Everyone always told him that his brilliant blue eyes were the only attribute they saw from his mother on him. There is also a black ear ring in Cloud's left ear that tangles somewhat.

The Person

Background: Cloud was born to Chozu and Harun Strife, although he was only raised by Chozu as his mother died during child birth. As a young child, his Father had rose to the rank of Jounin with his strongest attribute being Chozu's incredible speed. For a long time Chozu tried to master a technique that was a time space teleport. Cloud was forced from a young age to train to become a shinobi. It was always his goal to surpass his own Father who had, of late become more and more distant.

From early childhood, Cloud always felt like there was a resentment from his Father. It was a speculation that Harun's death was to be the reason why there was a certain content that came from Chozu. During his genin years, he slowly rose to shine in Konohagakure. Most of his classmates belonged to a clan but Cloud showed strength that had nothing to do with kekkei genkai but his own raw talent.

By the time he had become a Chunin it was no secret that he had far surpassed his Father. Cloud's level of speed had gone to a new level and his ability and way he was progressing with the teleportation technique was on a different scale. This gained the attention of the ANBU who inducted Cloud and assigned him to all their co-op missions.

It was a fateful night at 24 years old when he was made an ANBU Captain and promoted to Jounin was when his father had finally slipped. Upon arriving at his house he was met by Chozu who was holding his mother's sword. Tears slipped from the older man's eyes as he revealed his hatred from Cloud for being the reason Harun had died. When he attacked his son and showed that Chozu had mastered the Flying Thunder God Technique with the use of placing a seal on his son first that teleporting towards him.

After watching his Father use the jutsu twice and narrowly dodging the technique both times he placed the seal on Chozu and completed the Flying Thunder God Technique and dodged the last fatal attack at the cost of getting cut into his shoulder some. It made Cloud able to get an open shot on his own Father and delivered a kunai stab that killed him.

Two years later and Cloud has surpassed his Father's first use of the Flying Thunder God Technique and made the large sword his mother used to carry as his own.
Personality: Cloud is described as being very withdrawn from his classmates. Especially since he joined the ANBU and being sent on the co-op missions so often, it became hard for him to socialize. His attitude is very serious about completing the mission and anything that is for the betterment of Konohagakure.
He plans to take the Hokage position one day but only for the purpose of making the village more militaristic like Cloud believes it should be. He feels that the stronger the shinobi force, the stronger they are to be feared by the other villages. From the ANBU training and everything his Father taught him, it was that the strong survived and Cloud wanted his village to survive.

The Ninja

Rank:ANBU Captain; Jounin
Specialty:Flying Thunder God Technique and Kenjutsu
Element:Wind, Water, Earth
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Health Pool:250
Chakra Pool:250


Alternate Characters:N/A
Roleplay Sample:
The mission of the day was winding down to a simmer end as Cloud made his way into Konoha's gates. Night time was upon him and the streets of the still very young Village were quiet. Cloud felt a familiar presence before he entered the gate that was the entrance to his property and before long his long, similarly blonde haired father stood with his mother's old sword in his hand.

Cloud was familiar with this sword as it was the center piece for the near practical shrine of Harun Strife his Father had contracted together.
" Something wrong father..?" The words seemed to reach the man who up to this point was ignoring him. Tears gleamed down his face as his stared deep into his son's eyes. "It's be a quarter of a century since your mother was taken from me... Stolen from my life in an instance by you.. And now you come close to make me look like a fool but no son, it's over... I have perfected it. Our legacy you'll never realize!"

Although Chozu was insanely fast it was almost a second reaction to begin to move and only receive a small slap from his Dad's hand. "Are you seriously trying to kill me Chozu!?"[i] Before he could begin to move on a counter attack, Chozu had appeared in front of him sword in full swing at his mid section. With a swift movement, Cloud pivoted himself into the air above the range of the large blade. That jutsu... It was a time-space jutsu. He used a seal... That's it!! There was a smile that appeared on the younger man's face as he formed his own chakra into a seal on his Dad's shoulder.

Cloud forced himself upward but it was almost too late but he was able to absorb most of the strike with a kunai but it was enough strength to send the young blonde ANBU member across the air and into the wall. Even then, Chozu was ruthless as he teleported in front of his son and the large blade coming down onto Cloud's left shoulder and blood began to sprout outward before he became nothing more than a yellow slip in space.

The chipped kunia appeared out of thin air from behind Chozu and with a stabbing motion Cloud pushed the blade in between his own Father's ribs into a lung. The free hand twisted around the large blade, forcing it into it's control as Cloud pulled the blade across the raw exposed neck. Blood shot into his face and mixed with his own heavy blood damp shoulder. As the his light headedness came forward, Cloud fell to the ground and heard a young girl scream from what seemed like miles away.
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The Ninja

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Cloud Strife
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