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 Eve Umbral of The Royal Family

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Eve Umbral
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain

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PostSubject: Eve Umbral of The Royal Family    Fri May 13, 2016 12:58 am

~Eve Umbral~

Basic Info

Birthdate: May 6th
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B-
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140 lbs
Appearance: Eve is very doll like in appearance. Have snow white skin contrasting against her dark hair and clothes tends to make her look sinister or assassin like. Although, her clothes are also quite stylish, being royalty.
Eve is typically dressed in a dark black and purple dress shirt and matching skirt. Her belts usually dangling from her waist carry gourds on them to carry materials for her jutsu. Over all that, she wears a long black cloak that stops at her shins with a large hood.

Full Body:

The Person


|All Gather For The Welcoming of Eve Umbral, First Princess of Hoshi and Lucina Umbral|

The Umbral family is a royal family in Kumogakure that is known for producing some of the most skilled and powerful shinobi that Kumogakure has had. Eve Umbral was born into the family with title of princess under her parents, Hoshi Umbral and Lucina Umbral. When Eve was born, many village people gathered at their royal family's house to bestow gifts to the family and to give grace to the new born princess. Even the Raikage appeared, most like to keep their relationship with one another on good terms.
Eve was a very healthy child, who had unusual grey eyes and dark hair, unlike a majority of her family that had blonde hair and green eyes. Since Eve was born though, she was decided to be a shinobi. Shackling her to the life of a ninja from birth.

|Infant & Early Childhood|

When Eve was young, she was quite happy. her family took care of her and she was treated with great respect throughout Kumogakure. About few months after Eve's birth, her cousin, Raphael Umbral was born. This meant that the two would grow up together and would view each other siblings. Although they often times bickered with one another, they did love each other greatly.
When Eve was around 6, she was very curious about every and often times would go on adventures with her cousin even when they were not allowed to. As they grew older, this continued. Creating countless memories, but also toughing them up some by sneaking out and dealing with harsher environments.

|The Awakening Ceremony of Eve Umbral|

Around the age of 9, Eve and Raphael had sneaked out at night after their studies to go out to the woods to see a butterfly migration that they heard was suppose to happen. The two did not think much of it, they had sneaked out so many times before in the past that it was natural for them.
On this night though, a group of bandits had over heard Eve earlier in the day talking to Raphael about sneaking out. Eve and her cousin both being worth a great deal of money due to their royal blood, the bandits had hidden in the woods with hopes to kidnap the two.

When Eve and Raphael had arrived to a clearing in the woods, they stopped and waited for the butterfly migration. While laughing and chatting, a group of five rough bandits, each equipped with swords had stepped out in the clearing. The bandits scared the two in place, standing a few feet away from them. The bandits told them that they are coming with them. Raphael looked over at a scared Eve and clenched his fist in anger. As the bandits approached closer, Raphael began to shake but then reached for a knife in his pocket. Moments before two of the bandits were going to grab Eve, Raphael jumped on one of the bandits, stabbing him in the side while doing so, screaming "EVE! RUN!"
But Eve, stood in place worried about Raphael. He was quickly pushed off the bandit. The bandit in pain pulled the knife out and pointed it at Raphael, saying that will cost his life. Eve began to cry, pissed at how she couldn't help her cousin. This was all happening because Eve and her brother are destined to be great shinobi, and because of this they bid for a lot. Eve kept running that through her head and began feeling an intense anger. She didn't want this. Eve finally snapped back into reality though at the scream of her cousin as a bandit pierced the child and began talking about they'll still get a lot for Eve. Eve made eye contact pass the bandits with her cousin Raphael as the life fell out of him. This awakened something in Eve. As tears rolled down her face and the bandits approached her, the air grew thick and chakra began radiating off Eve. One bandit tried to charge at Eve to stop it quickly, but in response a pulse of chakra pushed off Eve and pushed the bandits back. Eve then picked up the knife that her cousin dropped, at this moment she felt her new power flow through the knife. The knife began to float in her hand as if it magnetized. Eve with tears till rolling down her face then looked up at the bandits who were all standing ready to fight her. As a silence over took the area. Eve glanced at her cousin's corpse and back at the bandits. As their eyes locked with one another, the bandits charged at Eve in one sweep. But, as they charged the blade in Eve's hand flew through the air as if she was manipulating. The bandits were all cut down before they even knew what happened. After their deaths, Eve fell to the ground, looking at Raphael's corpse, holding onto consciousness a large amount of butterflies began to fly pass them. Eve rolled over to look up at the sky as the butterfly migration that Raphael and Eve came to see passed by. Shortly later, Eve fell unconscious.  

|Umbral Family Training|

Eve woke up two days after the events during the butterfly migration. When she woke, she was in her bedroom at her family's mansion with her mother near her. Her mother was happy when she woke and explained everything that happened to Eve. Initally when Eve woke up, she assumed it was a bad dream. But, the reality of the situation became heavy when she was reminded that her cousin was killed.

For the first three days after waking up, Eve stayed in bed and had a lot of visitors. Most of the visitors were either doctors checking on her, relatives, or the village asking her questions about the event. Raphael's parents never visited her though. Eve imagined that they were probably mourning a lot. Her parent's just had to wait a few days for her to wake up, but Raphael's will have to wait till they meet in the after life. This really began to make Eve mad. She felt that she wasn't strong enough to protect him. She wanted to become stronger. She lost her best friend because she was weak.

A few days after bed, A unusual shinobi cloaked in all black arrived under a call from the Royal Family. When he arrived, he was brought to Eve by her parents. When he meet her, his eyes grew big and he commented that she was unusual. Her parents explained to Eve that they think she might have awaken a kekkei genkai or some type of hidden ability and that this man can tell them if they are correct. Eve agree'd and with the Royal Family's permission, the man placed his hand on the princess's head and began to focus with his eyes closed. A few moments passed and the man released the Princess. He then smiled at her and then at her parents. "She's powerful. Her chakra is maturing extremely fast." The man said, breaking the silence. He explained that she holds two elements that make up the Magnet element. The man took his leave after receiving his pay. Eve's parents then sat down with Eve and explained to her what it means to be part of the Royal family and that Eve has promise to be one of the strongest shinobi's the Royal Family have produced. They explained to Eve that a lot of others will want her for money and other means, and that she should begin her training as a shinobi. Eve agree'd to beginning her training and would start the next morning.
That night before beginning her training, Eve had a mental break down thinking about Raphael and how all this has happened because of the way of being a shinobi. That night, Eve promised herself that she would grow powerful and protect those around her.

Ever since those events, Eve was never the same. She seemed colder. As if she was always on a task. Some said that when Raphael died, the happiness in Eve's heart died as well. She became very un-trusting of people and was often times very honest about things to a degree that might have came off as harsh to others. But, in her heart she has still cared about those around her. Even if she doesn't show it.


Eve trained in a intense program that only those of the Umbral family have access to for 8 years. When she was released from her training, she was seventeen years old. She had gotten a strong grasp on how to be a shinobi and seemed almost colder than she was after the events in her childhood. She was a true shinobi.
After being released from training, Eve was requested to become a registered shinobi of Kumogakure. First, Kumogakure wanted to see what rank to assign to Eve. Because of this, they arranged a match between Eve and a jounin rank shinobi in the village as a group of village heads watched. Initially the jounin tried to just go easy on the princess, but he very quickly learned that she is no amateur. After a intense sparring match, the jounin expressed to the heads that she is very skilled and about a even match for him. What really scared him though, was how calm she remained the entire match, he expressed that she battles like royalty. Calm, collected, elegant, but dangerous. As a tradition for each member of the Royal Family gaining a nickname based off their appearance or abilities, Eve was given the name, the Grey Queen.

|The Grey Queen|

Shortly after being giving the nickname, the Grey Queen. The village arrived at the royal house with a jounin jacket, headband, and more standard shinobi info. The village had given her the rank of jounin, being the youngest jounin in the village. The family was incredibly proud of her and she began her life as the Grey Queen of Kumogakure.

|A Bounty on Her Head / The Umbral Family Delivers|

After continuing her career as a jounin for four years in the village. Eve was respected as a quiet shinobi in the village who always got the job done. By a lot of village people, she was addressed as her majesty or Princess still. Holding multiple titles. Eve had began to make quite a name for herself and many have tried in the past to capture her in hopes to earn bounty off her. But, she has fought all them off.
Although, at the age of 21 a letter came to Kumogakure from a large group of Bandits that said they would kill the Raikage if not handed over a large sum of money and a short list of shinobi they wanted as prisoners. Eve was on the list. The village brought this to Eve's attention. The raiukage then purposed a plan. The plan was for the Raikage to appear out and about unsafely, but to have Eve near by to kill the bandits when they arrive.
Eve agree'd the plan even with the risk of putting the Raikage in danger.
When the plan was set in motion, the Raikage was standing near the docks of Kumo with Eve hiding near by. The bandit's arrived, laughing and talking about the Raikage was a fool. Moments before they went to attack the kage, a long metal strip dashed in spear shape into each of the bandits, impaling and killing each of them. Eve then appeared in front of them, "Pathetic." Eve claimed as their bodies hit the floor. The kage let out a laugh and congratulated Eve on being so good at her job. The Raikage then explained to Eve that Anbu position was open and that she would be good fit for the organization.

Since then, Eve has been a member of ANBU working for Kumogakure. Although, as of lately. Eve has her doubts on how the village has been run. Congratulating killing and things like that. Because of that, Eve has been less trustworthy of the village but wants to work closely with it to keep it near her. She wants to find a way to grow even stronger and perhaps one day run a safe-haven for people when she feels she is strong enough to do so and finds a way to do so.


Eve is overall a very calm and collected person. She is not one to place her trust into anyone initially and often times wishes for someone to prove their loyalty to her. Even though she grew up in royalty, she is not afraid of getting dirty. She is a person of very few words and talks more with actions. She becomes quickly annoyed by people though, especially enemies.
She is described as cold most of the time, but people who have worked near her for awhile know that is just how she is. She is brutally honest about things, regardless of people's feelings. She has a mindset that sometimes pawns have to fall for the queen to victorious. Chaotically good you could say. She isn't afraid to break rules to accomplish something.

- Cold Weather
- Reading
- Sparring with others
- Those who want her for her bounty
- Allied shinobi who can't do their job
- Impatient people

The Ninja

Rank: Anbu Captain (A-Rank)
Affiliation:  Kumogakure
Specialty: Ninjutsu | Barrier Jutsu | Fuuinjutsu
Element: Earth | Wind | _______ (Haven't decided on third. Will decide after I play as the character for awhile.)
Kekkei Genkai: Magnet Release |Iron Sand|
Health Pool: 250
Chakra Pool: 250
Strength: Level 4: Can carry up to 40 kilograms. Deals 20 damage with melee attacks
Speed: Level 6 - The ninja can run at 35 meters per second.


Alternate Characters: n/a
Roleplay Sample:

The forest was dimly lit by the the half moon in the sky. The forest had stood in silence for quite some time this night, until the rustling of shinobi dashing through the woods, from branch to branch at a fast speed in a group. "We're being followed. . ." The leader of four said in a whisper to his allies. The group were all dressed in the same uniform. A black garb and head wrap, almost the classic/sterotypical shinobi attire. "I'll handle whoever it is, you guys go on." Said the thinnest one in the back that appeared to be a sensory type ninja for the group. "You sure?" Said the leader, questioning that if he could handle it. But, at the same time no one else was volunteering, so the leader thought he might have something up his sleeve. As their eye's locked for a second, the volunteer smirked and said, "Positive." The entire group then nodded and dashed off while the volunteer thinner male stopped on a branch and faced behind him.
"You may come out. I am the best sensor in my village. You can't hide from me." Said the boy, confidentially. A silence overtook the forest after his call out to his enemy. A few seconds passed, and then some footsteps on a branch brought his attention to a few branches down from his.
A female appeared, she was unusual though. The woman had very clear and porcelain like skin, almost like a doll. She had black thick hair that was parted down the middle and brushed behind her ears, while the sides hang down to a little pass her collarbone. She had a unusual pattern around her eyes that were hard to tell if they were make up or a birthmark. She dressed in a very elegant, but dark attire. She were a dress suit that varied in shades of grey and purple, while over that she had a long trench coat/cloak like jacket, sporting black boots with it. She came off as elegant, but powerful. A beautiful snake.
As their eyes locked, the silence in the air grew denser. The boy then spoke again after a few seconds passed, "I'll finish this quick, my comrades are waiting on me."
"I suppose your comrades have the scrolls you took then?" Eve said immediately after him, almost cutting him off while completely ignoring the treat on her life. The boy laughed a little in a taunting manner, "Hahaha, that scroll is the last thing you should be worried about." The boy claimed. Just as he finished his sentence though, he felt blood run down his cheek. something cut him so fast he didn't even know it until he felt the warm red liquid rolling down his cheek.
He then looked back at the girl, who still standing in place but appeared to now have a unusual floating substance floating within arms length of her. The substance looked like floating dark clouds. But, in reality it was grounded up iron or nicknamed the iron sand. The boy quickly reacted by reaching in his tool pouch and hurling four kunai with explosives attached to them. As the kunai's reached near Eve, the explosions went off. The boy then watched the smoke clear with anticipation. As it cleared, a long tentacle like form of the iron sand impaled the boy in the stomach stuck on the end of the metal spear that was holding in the air. He then looked down to see that the tentacle had branched off a shield that was surrounding Eve. The barrier around her lowered as she made eye contact with the boy. "If you don't have the scroll. You're just in the way."  Eve proclaimed, speaking in a calm voice. She then flicked the boy off the spear that impaled him and sent him hurling to the ground that was at least a four story fall.
As the boy looked up through the tree's with his final second of life, the woman was gone.

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Eve Umbral
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Eve Umbral of The Royal Family    Mon May 23, 2016 3:31 am



"You're just in the way."
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Kin Hayata

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PostSubject: Re: Eve Umbral of The Royal Family    Mon May 23, 2016 6:52 am

Need a Roleplay sample.

Specialty:Ninjutsul,Medical , Barrier, Genjutsu  
Element: Wind, Earth , Lightning
Health Pool: 300
Chakra Pool: 300
Armor Pool: 100 (Body)
Strength: 6
Speed 7
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Munakata Koshimaru

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PostSubject: Re: Eve Umbral of The Royal Family    Mon May 23, 2016 9:43 am

ANBU Captain is already taken in Kirigakure. Just letting ya know.

Health: 300 | Chakra: 300 | Strength: 7 | Speed: 12
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Eve Umbral
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Eve Umbral of The Royal Family    Tue May 24, 2016 5:09 am

~Switched to Kumogakure
~Changed my characters history to suit Kumogakure
~My Umbral Family clan is set in Kiri though and has already been approved. So, if someone could change it to be in Kumo for me, that'd be cool. Won't really affect anything.
~My character is based around having magnet release, so could you guys try to figure out what you wanna do for Iron/Sand and gold dust? Because, I tried make some jutsu for them and the person reviewing said the staff would have talk about it.
*Excited to get started!


"You're just in the way."
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Eve Umbral
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Eve Umbral of The Royal Family    Tue May 24, 2016 5:19 am

~Actually just realized Iron Sand and Gold Dust were added to the limited list. So scratch that last part. haha.
*Also, I'm thinking I'm just going change my Umbral Family clan to just a organization because you don't get any jutsu or anything like that. It's just a renown wealthy family. haha.


"You're just in the way."
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PostSubject: Re: Eve Umbral of The Royal Family    Tue May 24, 2016 2:08 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Eve Umbral of The Royal Family    

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Eve Umbral of The Royal Family
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