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 Letter to the Hokage from the Second Otokage

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Daniel Shingen

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PostSubject: Letter to the Hokage from the Second Otokage   Wed May 11, 2016 6:01 pm

A messenger Crow landed on the Desk of the Hokage's Office. It had a letter attached to its ankle it had very neat hand writing on it. "Dear Lord Hokage I wish to have a Diplomatic Conversation with you I am the Second Otokage Shingen Blud I need you to know that I wish to Ally with Kongagakure I need all the allies I can get being one of the smallest Ninja countries I don't wish to be invaded since we only Just had the Otogakure Civil war here in the Land of Rice Patties please come visit me whenever you have the Free time. The Coordinates of Otogakure are on this Letter since we are quite well these coordinates are for your eyes only. as soon as the crow delivered it's message to the Hokage it tilted at the Hokage waiting for him to write a reply if any.
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Letter to the Hokage from the Second Otokage
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