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 Shingen Blud (Complete)

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Daniel Shingen

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PostSubject: Shingen Blud (Complete)   Wed May 11, 2016 2:23 am

Shingen Blud 

Basic Info

Birthdate: January 1st
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'8
Weight: 125 lbs.
Appearance: Shingen is a lanky individual with messy shoulder length brown hair a diagonal scar across his face blue eyes and a white skin tone. He wears a leather Jacket with an white fluffy collar a white T-shirt black pants and black shoes and leather gloves. Whenever he travels outside the Village on diplomatic missons to other ninja Villages he wears his Otokage Hat.

The Person

Background:During the year 50 A.N. Zanku was head of his clan and was at constant war with the other clans. It wasn't until 60 A.N. that a few clans put aside their differences and established the second village Sunagakure, after the first year of the village Zanku was selected as the 1st Kazekage and his advisor and best friend Juko lead the village together. During this time they both traveled to the Land of Iron for the 1st Gokage Meeting in the year 64 A.N. it is unknown if they had ever made it to the meeting or not, but their bodies were returned to the village proof of their deaths. Thanks to this event Shingen had decided peace would not be found in the Village of Sunagakure. Shingen then had left with a large number of ninja that shared his ideals of peace, they decided to travel to the land of Rice Patties, but not without first having the other ninja following him sealing Shukaku into him, Shingen couldn't risk Shukaku to fall into Sunagakures hands especially when they didn't have a Kage, but it seems like Sunagakure had no choice but to give Shukaku to Shingen or risk a civil war over the tailed beast so Suna had to except their loss. On his way to the land of rice patties Shingen had encountered people from the land of Fire that also wanted to join him and his cause which the young shinobi accepted with open arms. When Shingen and his followers arrived in the Land of Rice Patties it was horrible their was an Power hungry Ninja Warlord trying to conquer the Land of Rice Patties the man even had built his own Village. The Village the Power Hungry Man had built was known as Otogakure.

Shingen and all of his allies were disturbed by the corpses lying on the way to the village most of them farmers who had never wielded weapons before in their lives. Shingen then decided he had no choice he would have to kill the mad Otokage, and thankfully his followers agreed it was time to go to stop the mad warlord. The Battle with the warlord lasted for about a half year. Shingen had finally had defeated the madman, but Shingen refused to kill the 1st Otokage the Otokage laughed and gave the younger man Shingen a speech before killing himself with an explosive Tag. After that event Otokage Shinobi threw down their weapons realizing they had lost. Then after getting a Letter from the Daimyo of the land of rice patties saying if he wanted to create his own Ninja Village Shingen replied back that he would when he realized that it was probably for the best. Shingen had decided to keep the name of Otogakure for respect for his previous rival. A few months after that Shingen was given the title of 2nd Otokage. Thanks to these series of events the land of Rice Patties was peaceful. Even ex shinobi that worked under the first Otokage stayed in the Village and even respected the 2nd Otokage more than the first Otokage.

Personality: Shingen is a kind and understanding individual that wants peace. Many people consider Shingen to be a true Decorated Commander and Leader many people still Call him Leader or Commander Shingen due to how many people worked under him during the Civil War with the First Otokage. Shingen even occasionally teaches class at Otogakures Ninja Academy. Shingen is a kind and Caring Individual who wants Peace with all the other hidden ninja villages he tries the best he can to make up for what the 1st Otokage did. Shingen is either travelling around the Village helping out his Villagers and Ninjas, or sending letters to the other Kages trying  to keep peacful relationships with them. In Combat Shingen fights with high power Ninjutsu and protects his Allies with Barrier-Ninjutsu. The Reason why Shingen fights with higher power Ninjutsu is because he wants to end the battle with causing as little pain to his opponent as possible. Shingen shows great respect for his opponents he doesn't wish to dishonor them in battle.

- Cold Climates: Just because he is the Jinchuriki of Shukaku doesn't mean he likes cold areas more than hot areas.
- Peace: Due to growing up in a chaotic world all Shingen want's is a world were all the Ninja Nations live peacefully together.
-Jinchuriki: Being the Jinchuriki of Shukaku he seems to show an certain amount of Understanding to his fellow Jinchuriki.

- War: Having grown up during the period were everybody wanted to kill eachother, and also being a Commander During the Otogakure Civil War he dislikes the idea that another war like that may be on the Horizon.
- Bloodthirsty People: People who cause bloodshed just because they can or want to enrage Shingen.
-Gokage Summit: The Gokage Summit is annoying to the Otokage since only 5 of 10 of the leaders of each village go to it so it is only half the worlds opinion on what to do, and it makes him feel like he and the other smaller villages have no importance to the 5 other Kages.

The Ninja

Rank: Otokage
Affiliation: Otogakure
Specialty: Ninjutsu (S-Rank), Barrier-Ninjutsu (A-Rank), Taijutsu (B-Rank), Fuinjutsu (C-Rank)
Element: Earth, Wind, Water, Magnet Release/Sand Manipulation
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Health Pool:300
Chakra Pool:300


Alternate Characters: None
Roleplay Sample:
RP Sample:
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The Ninja

PostSubject: Re: Shingen Blud (Complete)   Wed May 11, 2016 3:33 pm



Heatlh: 300
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Shingen Blud (Complete)
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