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 In Enters The Monster [open rp]

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PostSubject: In Enters The Monster [open rp]   Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:37 pm

Splinters were everywhere as Kagura had already kicked through another wooden post with his right leg. He re took a fighting stance as he took a look at the contraptions that he had set up before him. It was an obstacle course of sorts with massive axes swinging to poles you had to jump over to avoid the spikes. There were massive hammers that came together at an angle from a height and crashed together crushing anyone that was within the two of them crashing. There were spiked balls that swung sporadically making it harder to predict where the balls would be coming. If he went through this training again, it would indeed be redundant. Besides that, he would destroy the entire obstacle course. So Kagura stood there just looking at it with his arms folded and his eyes red and glowing as usual.

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In Enters The Monster [open rp]
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