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 Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu

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Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu Empty
PostSubject: Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu   Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 2:53 am

Name: Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu (忍法・女郎蜘蛛の術 - Ninja Art: Whore Spider Technique)

Rank: B

Element: N/A

Specialties: Ninjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu

Requirements: Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) | Trained by Kimura

Description: A very advanced version of the Transformation Technique and a possible variant of the Sexy Jutsu, the user applies both Ninjutsu and Genjutsu to their transformation. As with the Transformation Jutsu, puff of smoke happens when they transform. Upon finishing their transformation, however, they become either a beautiful woman or a handsome man. While the appearance naturally varies, the result is always the same. The user can choose how they look, including the appearance of another person. It is advanced enough that it can even copy/create effects such as recently made cuts, dirt, ragged clothing, and such. However, while transformed, the user emits a odorless pheromone through the user of Medical Ninjutsu that resonates around the user, acting like a debilitating aphrodisiac. Its main effect that those who inhale it gain a sort of euphoria, which clouds their minds and makes them more easy to bend to the user's will. Upon being inhaled, the opponent experiences a -1 to their Speed and Strength as well as minor clouding, rather unnoticable for the most part though still detectible. If inhaled for more than 3 posts, their Speed and Strength drops by another level, resulting in them have a -2 while their mind is much more clouded now, as if they were drunk.

If inhaled for another 3 posts, their Speed and Strength drops by another level, resulting in a -3 to both Speed and Strength. The opponent's mind is so clouded that they do not notice anything else outside of the user and their voice, and are usually very willing to follow their orders with minimal coaxing. They will remain this way as long as they remain within the user's odor aura (which radiates off of them in a 5x5 meter radius around them). Once out of it, it takes 1 post for the effects to leave the user if they did not inhale the odor for more than 1 and 2 posts. It takes 3 posts if they inhaled it for 3 or more, while 5 posts for the other 3. Dojutsu such as Byakugan and Sharingan can detect the odor, seeing it as a invisible cloud laced with chakra. Unlike the transformation technique, the user doesn't revert to their normal form if struck. However, extra appendages that aren't on the normal human cannot be used. This requires the Horse and Rabbit Hand Seals to activate.

Damage: N/A

Chakra: 30 to activate, 20 to maintain

Cooldown: Maintained + 4

Word Count: 2,000

Cannon or Custom: Custom
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Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu   Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu EmptySat Jul 09, 2016 4:16 pm

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Ninpō: Jorōgumo no Jutsu
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