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PostSubject: Dōji   Sun Jul 03, 2016 4:42 pm

Clan Name: Dōji

Kekkei Genkai: Akuma no Sosen (悪魔の祖先 - Demonic Ancestry)

Clan Jutsu: N/A

History: Tales tell of demons, strong supernatural beings who were considered unholy. Stories about these beings, who are commonly known as Oni, have been made and told since even before the time of Kaguya. Though considered to be nothing but stories and legends made to scare men into doing the right thing, the truth is is that one point, they were true. Long ago, Oni ran rampant across the land along with other creatures. Some paid no attention to humans and lived their lives in solitude. Others, however, made it a habit with toying with them. Some even grew a taste for human flesh. Thus conflict ensured. Though nothing as colossal as a war ever happened, conflict between human and oni became rather common. The demons would inhabit forests, mountains, even abandoned homes and would attack any who intruded on their territory. This became a major problem as kingdoms and empires grew, their lands expanding and intruding with those of oni. Nonetheless, this was never a real problem until one day Shuten Dōji, King of the Oni, suddenly went to the Capital of a nameless kingdom and began to run amok with his brothers Kuma Dōji, Torakuma Dōji, Hoshikuma Dōji, and Kanaguma Dōji. Using their great strength and unmatched ferociousness the five demons stole numerous barrels of sake, maidens, and weapons. Successful in their raid, they escaped to Ōeyama, a large mountain in the wilderness.

The King, angered by this unprovoked assault, called out for help. His pleas were answered by two men by the name of Minamoto no Yorimitsu and Watanabe no Tsuna. The King told him of Shuten's attack and, deciding to end the beast, Tsuna and Yorimitsu formed a small squad who then set off to Ōeyama. Meanwhile, Shuten Dōji had encountered a young oni by the name of Ibaraki. She was frail and short due to having been traveling for so long, but was extremely powerful with magic. Taking her in and nursing her back to health, she eventually bowed before Shuten and asked to his Queen. The Demonic King agreed and Ibaraki became known as Ibaraki Dōji. Thus, they and Shuten's brothers drank the sake they stole and fed upon the maidens' flesh. It wasn't long until Tsuna and Yorimitsu arrived with their squad. They disguished themselves as poor beggars hoping to gain the demon's favor as they entered his palace and kneeled before him. They brought with them numerous barrels of sake, which Shuten began to drink. Eventually,Yorimitsu slipped a toxin into the last barrel. The venom of Yamata no Orochi. Shuten drank this and immediately feel asleep, unable to move his body. It was then that Yormitsu tore off his disguise and with one slash of his blade beheaded Shuten Dōji. Even decapitated, however, the oni was viscious, as his head still tried to bite at Yorimitsu. Thus the remaining oni and Yorimitsu's squad fought within Shuten's palace.

As time went on, however, Ibaraki found that they were on the losing side. Knowing she would die otherwise, she grabbed Shuten's head and fled as the last of his brothers were slain. Ibaraki's retreat going unnoticed, Yorimitsu and Tsuna were regarded as heros for slaying the beasts. Ibaraki, however, used her magic to restore Shuten. He was alive but was weakened due to losing his body. Eventually, Shuten and Ibaraki decided to remain hidden. They assumed human forms and became part of society, eventually developing a child. Hebikuma Dōji. He went on and married a human female. Then they bore a child. Then they married. Then they bore a child. For countless generations the Dōji bloodline has lived on. Eventually Kinzoku Dōji, the latest Dōji, moved into the lands of the ninja thus started the Dōji Bloodline there. Though the extensive family is seperated, their traditions are the same. They aren't considered to be fully capable of being on their own until the age of 18, for example. Many are fearless and are heavy drinkers. Most of all, however, they take in their demonic heritage and won't stand being demeaned by it.

Requirements: User must specify how their demon form looks like in their application. They are unable to learn Sage Mode while being able to preform Fūinjutsu due its roots in exorcism.

Custom or Canon: Custom
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