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 B-baka! [solo,nk,WIP]

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PostSubject: B-baka! [solo,nk,WIP]   Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:50 pm

Kozai laid himself down, ready to go to bed. As an experiment, he reached inside of himself, in an attempt to communicate with that "thing"... the bijuu. He'd never really given it much thought up until now. It was alive too, in its own way, right? He should try and be nice to it! He probed around a bit mentally.

"H-hello? M'name's Kozai.... uh... I guess I'm your host! We're sure to have a fantastic time together, right?!"

No response. Blegh, of course. This was how most of Kozai's relationship's turned out, but he knew a few tricks. How about...... some socializing?

"Once upon a time, there was a valiant young man... who fell in love with his aunt!"

As expected, it got an immediate reaction.

"Y-you shameless brat! How dare you tell me stories like that!? Absolutely ridiculous!"

Hoho! So this was the infamous 6-tails... someone with this kind of attitude could be fun to get to know. Kozai had enough experience to realize immediately that there was a soft personality underneath this hard shell. All he had to do was coax it out. He knew that bijuu were pressured to save their hosts in times of need, but he didn't want to put himself in any intentional jeopardy.

"Hmph, well then, what do you want, you shameless human??"

Ah, what a beast! Well, Kozai would at least try his best. That was all a man could do against the supreme power of the tsundere. Besides, he had to remind himself of the serious part of this conversation. This was a bijuu he was dealing with here, a tailed beast. A chakra engine of destruction and desolation. Still, it seemed that it had a funny personality. At least they had something in common so far. Getting out of bed and getting dressed again, Kozai decided to go for a late evening stroll.

[still WIP]
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B-baka! [solo,nk,WIP]
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