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 Jutsu Guide

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Munakata Koshimaru
Munakata Koshimaru

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PostSubject: Jutsu Guide   Jutsu Guide EmptyFri Jul 01, 2016 12:17 pm

Hello Hello Hello fellow staff members~. It is I, your Lord and Savoir, Snuggle Mcbutts Munakata. It would seem that the grading staff does can be a bit...different from what I've been seeing. Some of us are just a wee bit toooo...lenient, thus, allowing for some unbalanced things to be approved. Me seeing this, I decided to make a guide to help my fellow staff members grade things. While I address this to them, I suggest everyone read it so they know how to make an approvable and not overpowered jutsu. Let us begin, shall we?


Jutsu are perhaps the more thing on this list to grade due to the numerous factors each one has. The factors that matter to us, however, is Rank, Specialties, Description, Damage, Chakra, and Cooldown.

Rank - The ranking of the jutsu in question. It usually determines how much chakra, damage, and cooldown there will be. Rank ranges from E-Rank to S-Rank on this site.

Specialties - Specialties are the skills actually needed to even learn the jutsu, let alone, use it. Some jutsu, depending on what it is, can have more than 1.

Description - The actual information of the technique. Be sure to read it carefully. If you can't understand some parts of it, ask the poster to clarify.

Damage - How much health the technique takes off if it lands. Naturally, there are some jutsu that do no damage and some that even grant back health.

Chakra - The life energy that all living things have within them and also the energy used in using jutsu. Naturally the rank has a set amount.

Cooldown - This is how long you have to wait before you can use a jutsu again. Size increases and decreased depending on rank and what it does.

Of course you look at the other factors of a jutsu such if its elemental or if its canon/custom. However, this are factors that effect our grading of it the most. Let's head to a very common issue that happens with grading, the cooldown.

I've seen so many A-Rank jutsus with only 2-1 post cooldowns that it hurts. The reason why is that an A-Rank is very high up in the Jutsu Scale, making it the second most powerful rank on the site, S-Rank being the first. Thus, here is some prefered Cooldowns for each rank.

E-Rank: 1-2 posts
D-Rank:  2-4 posts
C-Rank: 3-5 posts
B-Rank 4-5 posts
A-Rank 5-6 posts
S-Rank 6 and up posts

These cooldowns are for more so basic jutsu that don't have any fancy effects and such, like a normal fireball. Thus, even these are subject to change depending on the jutsu. S-Rank is unique that its cooldown can vary in number, since S-Rank can be as simple as a very strong chakra enhanced kick to gigantic pillars of earth forming into a even bigger sphere that then falls down onto the enemies (please don't app that). Thus, its tricky checking those, so don't be ashamed to ask for a second opinion.

Moving on, Chakra is next. While there is always a fixed chakra for each rank (as described in the Jutsu Guide) that you cannot lower, these costs as well tend to vary depending on a jutsu. Let's say someone apps a canon jutsu that is very strong, but they don't want to increase the rank. So they increase the chakra cost instead to compensate for the strength of the jutsu. This is very commonly seen with S-Ranks when they're very powerful, which limits how much it can be used in a thread (if the cooldown isn't once per thread). Thus, keep in mind that some jutsu that seem to be too power or too complex for their given rank may need a increase in chakra. The amount depends upon you but please, don't be picky and be realistic.

Next is Damage. This is pretty simple, especially since the fixed damages are listed in the Jutsu Guide. Not really much to say here except that it may vary depending on the jutsu, while also being rather high for S-Ranks. Jutsu with high damages naturally need some fault or drawback.

Description is self-explanatory.

Specialties are the skills needed to even use the jutsu. While I should need to explain this, just make sure to keep your eye on the specialties while you read the description. If you know what they want requires another or different Specialty, state so. If you're unsure, ask an admin or mod for their opinion.

Rank is what level a certain jutsu is and determines the default Damage, Chakra Cost, and Wordcount. While the simplest part of the app aside from the name, make note of it as you read the details of the jutsu. If the jutsu does high damage but is a low rank, state they need to bump it up or add some drawbacks to even it out.

Pretty much it for the guide. Remember, if you ever feel stumped, ask a staff member for their opinion and help. There's nothing wrong with needing some assistance here and there.

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Jutsu Guide
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