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 Dust Wind Technique

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Ruka Hoshiguma
Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Dust Wind Technique    Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:21 pm

Name: Dust Wind Technique 

Rank: E

Element: Wind 

Specialties: Bukijutsu/ Ninjutsu 

Requirements: A Giant Folding Fan 

Description: Useing a Giant Folding Fan to generate a gust of wind that layers the surrounding area in a blast of sand. This layer of sand that accumulates on the nearby trees makes it difficult for others to get a good footing. The initial gust can also temporarily blind opponents by lodging sand in their eyes. Moves at a spped of 3 and a range of 20 meeters infront of the user 

Damage: 5 

Chakra: (How much chakra does it cost)

Cooldown: 4 

Word Count: 500

Cannon or Custom: Cannon
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Dust Wind Technique
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