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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Sora(Complete)   Sat Jun 18, 2016 4:21 pm

(Requesting a Name Change to Sora, and scrapping Kurohime)


Basic Info

Birthdate: February 29th
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB-
Height: 4"0'
Weight: 60 lbs
Appearance: Sora has extremely light grey hair that looks near completely white or silver in color. Her eyes are as blue as the sky. Sora is a pretty girl with a very lithe body. She wears a very short white one piece dress with a light blue coat, black gloves, and white high-heeled sandals. To complete her outfit, she wears stockings that go all the way up and looks like a pair of pants. She intends on wearing her forehead protector around her neck like a bow. Usually smells like Peppermint. Will be scentless during missions and training.

The Person

Background: Sora was born eleven years ago. Her mother, had contracted a ailment. Her father in grief put Sora in an orphanage within the walls of Kumogakure. He left soon after and died via a bandit attack a week after he had left.

Sora grew up within the orphanage not knowing her parents or what she was. She was teased by the other kids due to her weird hair and eye combination. Due to her superior strength, she had beat the children, and soon entered the Ninja Academy within Kumo. Sora soon became the top student within her own class and within her very year.

Due to her extreme ways and beauty, the girl made very few friends within the academy, and kept mostly to herself. The girls were jealous of her beauty, and the boys were scared of being targeted by her due to her thinking they might be fanboys. Years passed while she trained in order to become a Ninja of the only home she knew of. It was her final month within the Academy, and she had learned half of the requirement ninjutsu in order to pass.
Sora can be described as a very cold person. She does not speak a lot, preferring to only answer direct questions and only when spoken to directly. She hates the fact that she has no surname and will take up one once she finds something she is good at. Sora is generally a very calm person and is almost unreadable to most people. She speaks only to get a point across. Sora hates those that claim to be ninja and are mere fangirls or fanboys. Whenever she spars with those kinds of people, she crushes them without hesitation, and will prove to all that they do not belong within the program.

She understands that she is a rare beauty with her lithe body, silvery white hair, and eyes the color of the sky, and will use her beauty to trick her opponents into letting their guard down and strike them while they think that Sora is a innocent little girl. She is a highly manipulative person, and will use all the tools within her possession in order to bring her enemies down, or make her allies side with her on matters.

She is extremely cunning and ambitious and aims to become the Raikage. She knows that she may be a prodigy, but that does not excuse the fact that she must work hard in order to become the Raikage. She is not arrogant however, and his extremely humble for the most part when it does not come to her crushing her enemies, and proving that she is the best. She wants to prove to the parents that abandoned her, that even without them she is the best.
- Proving her Dominance
- Crushing her Enemies
- Flowers
- Tea
- Ninjutsu
- Miso Butter Ramen with cutlets of Roasted Pork, Beef, and Chicken
- Meat
- Vegetables
- Losing
- Sugar
- Unhealthy people
- Shrimp Ramen
- Seafood
- Hospitals

The Ninja

Rank: Academy Student
Affiliation: Kumogakure
Specialty: N/A
Element: Fire
Kekkei Genkai: Ash Release
Health Pool: 100
Chakra Pool: 50
Strength: 2
Speed: 1


Alternate Characters: Himura Raiden, Yuki Kurohime(Scrapping)
Roleplay Sample: N/A
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Ruka Hoshiguma
Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Sora(Complete)   Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:42 pm

Approved Sora

Health Pool: 100| Chakra Pool: 50| Strength: 2| Speed:1
Sharpness: 30
Durablity: 40
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