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 The Cat and the Slug Queen

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Sakina Hikaeme

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PostSubject: The Cat and the Slug Queen    Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:19 pm

Two Years Ago 
It was that time again the Rinne Festival had finally arrived. Snow was falling to the ground slowly and was creating a beautiful white coat of fresh snow on the ground of Konohagakure. Sakina had came  with her family, She was 17 years old just two years younger then she is now her little siblings were having a blast with all the fun and games the festival had for the villagers to enjoy. Her little brother Takeo would run to one both and his twin sister Natsu to another they were 12 years old and they just now only learned how to apprciate the festival. Natsu would run other to a booth in which the grand prize was a small kitten. The cat was cute but it really wasnt Sakina's favorite animal. "Sakina will you watch me. All I have to do is throw a plastic shuriken at five stacks of bottles and I can win the cat." Natsu was glowing she was really determented to win. " Fine I will watch but you better win." Sakina responded quickly with a smile  her brother and parents were off somewhere else so it was just the two girls. They rarely had sister bonding times but now they could really enjoy eachotheres comapny. Natsu would put the five shrukin in between her fingers she would then toss them; she knocked over all but four stacks. "Ahh man." Natsu would be dispapointed but soon Sakina would walk infornt of her. She would take 10 Shuriken five in each hand and toss them at each stack, The shuriken would clank into each other causing a few to curve and crash into each of the 10 stacks set up. "Well." She would look at the man behind the counter. "Can I have the cat now?" She asked patiently. The man would reach behind himself cautiosly as if he was scared of her and grab the kitten which was sleeping peacefully. "Here ya go." He would say then he would then point to little kiosk that sells clothes for Cats and dogs and other small animals the man was deffintly this mans brother. 'What a scam.' she would think to her self. 

The yound woman would walk toward the Kiosk. Sakina handed the Kitten to her sister she really does not like cats it was evident by how fast and awkaward the hand off was. "Sakinaaaa I need to name her." Natsu would say in a yelling like tone. "I dont know I am not really good with this kind of thing." She responded quickly. "She is kinda like a pincess I like Hima." Natsu would say. "Then Hima it is." Mai would buy the cat a cute little red robe from the shop keeper letting him keep most of the cash." Hima would finally wake up and begin to yawn as if she had woken up from the nap of a life time. "Hi Hima, I am natsu I hope we can be the best of friends. You can accompany me on all of my missions." Natsu would smile at the cat and the cats face would create an expression of what could only be described as pure boredom. Soon Takeo and their parents would arrive back to the two. " Hime this is my stupid twin brother feel free to attack him whenevr you want. Oh and these two are my parents they are cool so...dont scratch them. And i know you know Sakina she is my awesome older sister who won you for me." The cat would look up and start two swat toward Sakina as if she really like her not that Sakina wanted to hold her. 

Two weeks Later. 

Two weeks after the Rinne Festival the twins would be sent on a mission with the rest of theor squad which eneded in a flaure and the deaths of everyone involved. Natsu had left Hime home for the mission. "Upon getting word of the falure and the childrens death Sakina's mother would break down into tears and Sakina herself would have no other way to respond then to stand in the hallway not a single tear would roll down her face untill the Cat Hime would rub itself against her foot she would jump up on two legs and pull at Sakina's boot telling her to cheer up. "Sakina would pick up the cat and begin balling her eyes out. She had never cried as a ninja until that day. 

The Present 
Sakina is now a skileld medical ninja and Hime is her trusted Ninken. The cat can sniff out a poisen in the human system this is a skill many wish to bestow on their ninken. Hime has also gone on solo spy missions and is a great tracker all in the memeory of her little sister Natsu. Hime is typically by Sakina's side at all times when in the viallge and sometimes on missions. Sakina finally warmed up to cats.

Claiming C Rank Familiar Hime the Cat.


Health Pool: 152

Chakra Pool: 159 

Strength: 6

Speed: 4 
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PostSubject: Re: The Cat and the Slug Queen    Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:26 pm

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The Cat and the Slug Queen
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