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 Two Noble Clans (Rai)

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PostSubject: Two Noble Clans (Rai)   Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:41 pm

Kodama entered the training grounds the sun hadn't been out long on this earlier morning, but he wanted it that way. To train for an entire day, that was his goal. Unlatching his katana that was strapped to his back, he leaned it on a large oak tree. Taking a step back he figured it would be nice to start with the basics, moving his right hand in front of his chest with his index and middle finger pointed straight up. He gathered his chakra checking his control for the day as he collectively began to create a film of chakra on his feet, pressing his right foot on the tree trunk first. Then letting his chakra hold him there as he took his next step, running up the tree he would back flip off after passing a few branches quickly re-dispersing his chakra into his fingertips on his right hand. Catching the final branch to allow a silent and solid drop to the ground, standing he would grab the Katana and attached it to his back once again. Sighing to his self, he was sure he was ready to master the sharingan.

Kodama would close his eyes standing solid with his hands by his side and face straight forward, he then opened his eyes the crimson glow exposing the incomplete sharingan with one tomoe. He was ready to figure out the secrets of the Uchiha's powerful eyes.
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Rai Hyuuga
Rai Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: Two Noble Clans (Rai)   Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:37 am

Rai had been watching the boy train from the moment he got there. It wasn't really on purpose, there wasn't much the man didn't see. The boy just happened to stumble upon a training ground next to his. There was no doubt about it. This boy was of the Uchiha bloodline. His raven hair and his onyx eyes were about as much as a giveaway as Rai's white ones.

The Uchiha clan was a noble one indeed, often compared to the Hyuuga in terms of who was the strongest in Konoha. Rai was proud, but he could admit that the Uchiha were indeed strong, possibly stonger than his own clan. But of course, he would only admit that to himself. The young boy had started off with a bit of chakra control, and he ran up the tree gracefully before landing with just as much grace. It was clear to see that someone had taught him well.

What happened next though, shocked the Anbu member. The boy had activated his Sharingan. It was incomplete, but nonetheless, it was the prized possession of the Uchiha clan on a small boy. Rai knew a bit about how one awakened the Sharingan and wondered what the boy went through in order to do so. Getting out of his own stance that he had been in up until then, Rai deactivated his own dojusu and walked over to the next training ground to cure his curiosity.

Once in view so that the boy could see him, he pointed at the smaller figure. "I want you to hit me. If you can, you will have proven the strength of the Uchiha clan." Of course that was sudden. The boy would probably think him crazy. But there was no better way to know someone than through battle. He stood there and waited for the Uchiha to make a move.


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Two Noble Clans (Rai)
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