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 Arashi Tekiatsu (Done)

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Arashi Tekiatsu

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The Ninja
Clan: Tekiatsu
Specialties: Kumonikutai
Elements: Water

PostSubject: Arashi Tekiatsu (Done)   Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:30 pm

Arashi Tekiatsu

Basic Info

Birthdate: June 30
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135
Appearance: Arashi is just slightly above average in height for his age group, about 5'5 and just 135 pounds.  He has medium length wavy brown hair that extends to his shoulders at it's longest, it shortens as it goes around his face.  He has striking blue eyes, deep blue like the sea or sky.  He tends to dress in blue and grey tones; a blue protective shirt with open sleeve jacket with a white undershirt, and dark blue pants, ending in sandals.  He sometimes has a blue-gray sash around his waist that ties on his side and extend down to his shin.  His headband will sometimes be in his forehead, and sometimes he'll have it tied to his waist.  The clan symbol is on his shoulder, his back, and on the water satchel he carries.

The Person

Background: Arashi is one of the youngest shinobi of his clan, and certainly the only current Genin in the clan.  Arashi was born in the summer storms of June in Kumogakure.  From a young age, it was shown that he carried the gene for his bloodline, due to the striking blue eyes that were always the initial sign of the heritage.  

Arashi's childhood was one of lessons and honor, though the clan made sure he was social with members of the village.  He was a wander as a young child, always leaving his parents side and wandering to check something out.  Other times, he would get lost in his own world just staring up at the sky.  Although it was decided from his birth that he would be a shinobi, he was never told of their intent until a year before he started the academy.

What was important to the Tekiatsu clan was chakra and stamina, as their bloodline was dangerous to use without control.  Even before starting school, Arashi was being trained to endure heavy activity to bring up both chakra and stamina levels, in order for him to be able to sustain himself in a fight.  Although he showed an early talent for ninjutsu, he was trained in basic taijutsu to be able to do hand to hand combat.  During his first year at the Academy, he found that the students loved to show off to each other, however due to the nature of his abilities, he did what he could to avoid such displays, opting only to use his abilities when he needed to.  

Despite some hardships, mostly in genjutsus, Arashi was able to become an accepted member of his class, and when graduation came, he was able to pass with flying colors, finishing in the top 5 of his class.  He was assigned his team, but when he wasn't on missions he was always back at home, training his body to withstand his own bloodline.  
Personality: Arashi is a cautious individual, confident in his abilities but very hesitant to use them.  He is a softspoken and kind individual, friendly and easy to warm up.  However, if you betray his trust, he is absolutely unforgiving.  He holds his clan and his village in the higest regard, and is one willing to throw his life for doing what is right for those he cares for.
- Outdoors, especially the weather
- Shrimp and Pork buns
- Daydreaming
- High temperatures
- Dogs
- Disrespect

The Ninja

Rank: Genin
Affiliation: Kumogakure no Sato
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Element: Water
Kekkei Genkai: Kumonikutai
Health Pool: 100
Chakra Pool: 100
Strength: 2
Speed: 3


Alternate Characters: n/a
Roleplay Sample: Arashi kept himself flat against the tree, mentally cursing himself for making enough noise to cause the guard to stop and listen.  What was supposed to be a simple spy mission was almost a disaster before it began, but Arashi was not ready to give up yet.  Not only was his sensei and his clan counting on him, but in this case, it was the entire village.  
From the report, there was a group of bandits that felt they had the means and numbers to attack the Cloud village, and Arashi was tasked with sneaking into the camp and finding out about the plans and to report back.  A mission that sounded like something for a Jounin rather than a new Genin, but it was his mission, and one he would definitely complete.  

The sound of a crunch near his position alerted him back to the guard who nearly caught him.  He was coming this way!  Arashi bit his bottom lip, and checked the water satchel on his back, making sure it was loosened.  He had one shot to do this right, otherwise not only could he fail, he might even die.  And that was unacceptable.  Another stick snap even closer to him sounded, and he closed his eyes, tapping into his inner strength.  When he opened them, he was in his cloud form and he raised his hand into a single sign, the same used to break genjutsu.

“Disperse!” he whispered, as his body began to dissolve into the air around him.  Just as his feet vanished from view, the guard rounded the tree, looking right at Arashi without being able to see him in his cloud form.  With the warmer temperature of the air, Arashi was fortunate enough that he didn’t have to try to keep himself from condensing into a visible cloud.  

As the guard stood there, looking around, Arashi’s body drifted up into the tree silently.  Arashi used that momentum to not only go up, but to move towards the next tree, and then the next tree, until he had evaded the guard and even made it inside the camp.  He willed himself back together and released his jutsu, making himself a visible solid against a high branch overlooking the main command center of the camp.  

There were 4 guys in total making up the command tent.  Two of them were obviously guards, just standing around watching the place.  One looked like a bandit leader, a tall beast of a man with scars on his face and on his exposed arms.  The other man, however, was much more interesting.  He had white hair, darker skin, and wore a typical Kumo shinobi uniform.  Except that it was worn, old... and there was a headband with a scratch across the village symbol.  This wasn’t good.  At all.  These weren’t just bandits, they were being led to the village by a missing-nin.  Suddenly the low ranked mission became even more dangerous.  

Without a bingo book to see who it was, Arashi had nothing to go on, nothing at all.  But he still had a mission to complete.  He sat and tried to listen, they seemed to be in some sort of discussion, and the word Raikage, west entrance, and caravan were being passed around.  It sounded straightforward, but without something clear, or something tangible, Arashi couldn’t go back to the village.  He needed something on paper.  So the young boy sat, and listened to the missing nin speak.

“No, no, they have heavy patrols on this side, it’s considered a weak point in the village.  Plus, you have the watch towers here, and here.  The west entrance, like I said, is typically weaker, because it goes deeper into the land, away from the borders.  This is the perfect spot, and then when we make it inside, we can leave through the main entrance.  By then it will be less guarded with those idiots looking arou-“

“Sir!  Tagato reported movement on the southern edge of camp.  He and few others searched, but couldn’t find anything, however there were shoe prints in the mud near the camp!”

Arashi tensed up as the messenger who suddenly showed up, and looked down at his own feet.  He had been walking through wet dirt to begin with, and becoming a cloud moistened the ground further.  Of course there would be footprints, but those would end by the tree.  Which means they may start looking at the treetops…

“Blast... they may already be onto us.  You two stay here with the shinobi.  I’ll get a team to comb the area.  Tell everyone else to remain on guard-“

“No wait, how about these people watch the tent, and you and I go find the intruder.  If they were able to vanish like that, then I bet you its shinobi as well.”

With a stroke of luck, Arashi watched the two leaders leave the camp and head off in the direction he came from.  Whether it was due to boredom or arrogance, the missing-nin’s departure would actually help the young genin.  He waited for them to fade into the trees before Arashi silently dropped from his perch, landing behind the main tent.  With a quick look around the area, he pulled out a kunai and quickly made a couple of cuts in the back flap, opening it slightly to peer in.  There was no one in the tent itself, and the two guards were facing away from it, looking out to see someone try to sneak in.  Arashi finally had the perfect set up, and he went for the table.

There it was, a full map of the village with marks on where to come in, where the patrols were, and where the targets they wanted were.  This is more than enough for what he needed, and with the adjoining map of the camp layout, Arashi was sure that his village could stop this once and for all.  He quickly left the tent and went for the cover of the trees, jumping up into the branches and making a run for the village.  He was finally home free when a couple of shuriken suddenly embedded into the branch he was standing on.  He stopped for a moment before turning around, and seeing the missing-nin on the ground behind him.

“You know, I expected black ops, bodyguards, jounin, maybe the Raikage’s trusted shinobi, but the village sent a kid against me?  That’s unfortunate for you.  Or maybe they don’t know I’m here?  That would explain it.  Shame you can’t be the one to tell them.”

Arashi tried to jump to keep moving, but the sudden appearance of a large shurikan sliced through the branch, and the young man tumbled into the shrubs below.  He could hear the shinobi coming closer, and the genin has no time to really think, deciding to try to buy some time.  

“Ninja Art: Cloud Burst Jutsu.” He said, as his body suddenly enveloped in a growing cloud that shot out in all direction, creating a fog around the immediate area.  The missing-nin laughed, as he used a wind jutsu to blow away the fog, leaving just the two of them.

“Please… is that the best you can do?  The village must be in worse shape than I thought.” He said, as he dashed forward with kunai in hand.  Arashi pulled out one for himself and the two clashed, two shapes locked in combat.  Arashi was slower, but it was clear that this man was just toying with him.  He tried to hold his own, but after the 12th clash, his kunai was smacked away, and Arashi was knocked to the ground, with the missing-nin on top of him brandishing the weapon at his throat.  

“End of the line, little cloud.” He said, slicing once across Arashi’s neck and then plunging it down into his chest cavity.  Arashi had a look of complete shock on his face before the color drained from his face… and turned white.  Really white.  

As his cloud clone was defeated, Arashi was already far ahead, nearing the cloud village.  It was a risky move, and he pretty much had to empty his water satchel to do it, but there was no way the young genin would have been able to stand against someone of that caliber.  That was something for the black ops.  Arashi instead jumped out of the trees and entered the village, wasting no time in heading to see the Raikage, and where his sensei would be waiting.

“Arashi Tekiatsu reporting in from my mission.  I have the plans for both the village attack and the camp layout, and some information.  I encountered a missing-nin from this village.” He said, handing over the paperwork needed.  With that, and the debriefing, Arashi had done what he needed to, and completed a difficult mission.

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Sakina Hikaeme

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The Ninja
Clan: Hikaeme
Specialties: Medical, Ninjutsu
Elements: Water and Fire

PostSubject: Re: Arashi Tekiatsu (Done)   Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:53 pm

You will have to start with water but other then that welcome aboard!


Health Pool: 152

Chakra Pool: 159 

Strength: 6

Speed: 4 
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Arashi Tekiatsu (Done)
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