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 Ha suiryoku

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Himura Raiden
Himura Raiden

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Ha suiryoku Empty
PostSubject: Ha suiryoku   Ha suiryoku EmptyFri Jun 17, 2016 12:53 am

Name: Ha suiryoku

Rank: D

Element: N/A

Specialties: Bukijutsu

Requirements: Katana

Description: The user of this technique charges towards the opponent with their full speed while keeping their katana close to their body. The user then thrusts their blade forward aiming to stab into their opponent.

Damage: 10

Chakra: 10

Cooldown: 3

Word Count: 500

Cannon or Custom: Custom

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Element: Fuuton, Katon, Suiton
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Ha suiryoku
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