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 Akimichi Butterfly Mode [Limited]

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PostSubject: Akimichi Butterfly Mode [Limited]   Mon May 09, 2016 8:48 pm

Name: Akimichi Butterfly Mode
Origin: Akimichi Clan
Type: Physical Kekkei Genkai
Appearance: The chakra is shaped into two large butterfly wings, and then compressed into smaller wings.
Description: The Akimichi can enter this mode by converting the calories of his body into chakra, which he can then use to perform techniques.

-Strength and Speed are increased by 2 each.
-Taijutsu attacks are 2 times stronger in damage

Chakra Cost: 40 to activate, 5 for every additional post
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PostSubject: Re: Akimichi Butterfly Mode [Limited]   Tue May 10, 2016 10:03 am


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Akimichi Butterfly Mode [Limited]
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