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 Lady Katsuyu And Me

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Sakina Hikaeme
Sakina Hikaeme

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PostSubject: Lady Katsuyu And Me    Sun Jun 12, 2016 2:21 pm

The day was nice and the sun was shining warmly. Today was the day she would make a contract with Lady Katsuyu she was excited to begin training with the majestic slug. Getting up from her leaf Mai would prepare herself for her day of training the morning it was cool the leaves were all topped with morning dew. The woods smelt of fresh grass something different from the hustle and bustle of the village. 

As she finished combing out her hair. Katsina would come to greet the young girl. "Are you ready Mai?"the slug was just as maybe more excited then Mai was to begin training. "No human has yet to make a contract with the great Katsuyu. You will be the first."  Katsoni  was beaming with happiness because of the prospect. "Yeah I am excited too." Mai responded. Walking through  the woods through her nice little hit that was built just for her stay be the kind slugs. Mai had found a nice home with the slugs that she hopes will always be here. Mai would wave to the slugs she walks by almost like what you would do to your neighbors when you see them out in the morning. 

Upon reaching the chamber in which the great slug would wait. Katsuyus sensor would stare upon Mai and Katsoni. "Katsoni your presence is no longer required." The pink slug would leave as the large one set its sensors on Mai. "Today we will begin training  Lady Mai." We will Synchronize our moves. This will be very difficult because of my large stature. Because of that I will allow you to work with ten percent of my entire size." Katsuyu would then begin to divid herself though the version she would divide herself into a slug the size of the Tallest building in Konohagakure. The slugs white body would have what looks like Navy blue streaks on it. Her sensors would then focus on Mai. Soon what looks like cheeks would fill up and Katsuyu would spit toward Mai. The spit was not normal in fact it was very acidic. Mai would acrobatically flip out of the way safely she  slides back kicking up a trail of dust. Unfortunately for the rock next to her it had  burn markings. "What was that for!" Main sounded as if she was frustrated and generally concerned for if that had actually hit her it would definitely been game over for Mai. " I m a very sorry lady Mai. I just wanted to make sure your reflexes are at peak condition for a medical ninja." Mai would latter get up and out if a defensive and into more of a neutral one.  The great slug continues "You see medical ninja need to be good a dodging attacks because if they don't and get hit the life support of the squad is put in danger and mission can be guaranteed a failure." Katsuyus words struck a chord with Mai." I invented a Jutsu which allows me to heal any wound inflected to me it's called the Creation Rebirth." Mai would move her blonde bangs from her face and forehead revealing a purple diamond. "This seal is stored chakra over a period of five years." She would move her hand and walk over to the burnt rock examining it. "That seal is very powerful." Katsuyu would say in an admiring tone. "I'd like to think its the pinnacle of medical Ninjutsu. " Mai would respond to Katsuyus comment. 

The two would the. Begin to train along side each other. Mai was thrilled to finally begin training with the Great slug of the Shikkotsu Forest. Mai would stand at the top of Katsuyus head. "Lady Mai we should work on timing of my great division. If our timing is off we could really be in trouble" Mai would be confused. "Great Division? What's your great division?" Katsuyu would begin. "My great cell division is when I divide me self in to many different smaller parts. It requires you and fuse our chakra together." Forming the handseal of the rat. Mai would begin changing her chakra down towards Katsuyu and Katsuyu would do the same channeling it's chakra to Mai. "I feel our chakras fusing."  Mai would remark at the amazing feeling of their chakra fusing was euphoric. " I feel so powerful." Mai was estate. "I am going to divide now. Soon Katsuyu was dividing herself into hundreds of little sized Katsuyu. Little was subjective seeing as how they are actually the size of a five foot ten man. One of the Katsuyu would then glide over to Mai. " Lady Mai a few notes about each division. Each slug is in a way almost sentient almost like one of your shadow clones. Assuming you can make one of course. Each division can create its own acid slime." Katsuyus little lesson was very informative and taught Mai a lot.  So each division is really hair a mini you with minds of their own." Main would in a way repeat back to her what she heard. "Yes they can also heal." The one Mai has been talking to would then hug Mai creating a warm sensation healing Mai though really just restoring her energy. 

"How does that feel." Katsuyu would say while still on top of the girl. "It's nice and warm." Mai would respond. " I can also divided into a slug about the size of Katsoni." Katsuyu would become even smaller and seat on Mai's shoulder. " I can become pocket sized as well. But I don't really think you want me to m'lady." Mai would try to cut off Katsuyu because the poor slug was talking no stop it was annoying but also kinda adorable at this size. "Lady Katsuyu focus." Mai would Interrupt in the most respectful way of course not meaning any harm or I'll will towards the respected slug. "I am sorry. Lady Mai I mean nothing by my rambling." Mai would laugh because the great slug acted as if Mai was her boss.  

"Lady Katsuyu." Mai would have a very inquisitive look on her face. "Yes M'lady."  I have all this chakra stored in here and I wanted to know if we could fuse out chakra and if the time ever arose could I break the seal and use our connection to heal people. " I suppose it could work in theory but really I don't know My lady. But if we tried it it could prove to be a good idea. "Yes then let's try it. " Wait my lady you want to be break your seal." "Yes!" But really you want to break the seal you have been storing for the last five years. "I want fully release it because if I do I will cut my own life force cells can only divide so much lady Katsuyu but you don have that problem." Mai would look at Katsuyu on her shoulder and pet it. " I want to be the best medical ninja the world has ever seen. I already have this seal and my Shinning medical eye and if we join our chakra to heal mass casualties we can really do a lot of good in a time of crisis. 

Lady Katsuyus many divisions would fuse together and recreate the ten percent large Katsuyu. "Wait lady Katsuyu if you become large then you will have to redivide and that will take up time and we don't have time to waste when saving lives. "You are right lady Mai. But when you Simon me to do such a thing I will be in my large form so this will have to be how we start. "Okay."

Mai would sit in the middle of the field and begin by putting her hands on her face she would call upon her Golden Medical Eye. Upon opening her eye her eyes would become golden and she would be able to understand her chakra flow. Mai would send it to Katsuyu. "Partially releasing the seal now!" In the moment she real Sears the seal Mai's face would become covered in a beautiful purple marking that forms around the sides of her face. The chakra would be a lot for Katsuyu would would later divide herself. 

"This is using a lot of my chakra. More than I anticipated." She would then stop the process. Lady Katsuyu I need to stop and reevaluate. " main would yell to tell Katsuyu that. Mai would then get off the ground. "Lady Katuyu how much chakra do you have?" I have a lot of chakra of yours M'lady." "Maybe I don't need to reevaluate. My medical chakra can be used to heal anyone your divisions can come in contact with." Mai would think out loud. 'I wonder what to do now.' Lady Katsuyu would think to herself. " lady Katsuyu I can hear you thinking. This technique gives us the ability to communicate with eachother that awesome." Mai was excited. "I think I am going to call this Katsuyu: Immense Network  healing Technique. It can only be done by some one with theReserve Seal and the Strength of a Hundred. "Lady Mai I will allow you to summon me when ever you need my help. You should get some rest.

[1,545 Claiming Lady Katsuyu as a S rank Summon]


Health Pool: 152

Chakra Pool: 159 

Strength: 6

Speed: 4 
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PostSubject: Re: Lady Katsuyu And Me    Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:25 pm

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Lady Katsuyu And Me
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