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 Toad Contract Training

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Cloud Strife
Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain
Cloud Strife

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PostSubject: Toad Contract Training   Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:57 pm

It was a frigid air that rained over the top of the Mountains in the very outer reaches of Kumogakure. The edge of the peak where the legendary Toad Sage had hid his scroll was placed in the small, very shallow cave at this peak. Temperature at this point in the mountains was at 25 in the very brightness of the day. On the very edge of this peak came a single gloved hand, followed closely by another. The blonde ANBU Captain pulled himself onto the edge with a small huff. 'Damn mountains and this damned cold.' He was not one for the cold weather or hiking upward.

The entire range was covered in scribe with random images of toads carved into it. Cloud walked across the ground as he stared down into the unreadable cypes beneath him. He wondered to himself if this was a language known only to the toads and if he would learn of it. From everything he could tell, it was the origin story of the legendary talking toads that helped a man long, long ago become a great shinobi. As Cloud approached the scroll, he saw the image of what must've been the man he had heard legends of.

Cloud began to read the only eligible part aloud, "If you had made it this far, then you are here to achieve the abilities to summon toads. The contract is below this sculpture. Write your name next to mine in your own blood.  The first toad you summon shall be Gambunta or next kin to him if he has passed. May luck be on your side." Easy enough, Cloud unraveled the scroll and used a kunai to place a light but deep enough cut across his hand.

Strife Cloud was written into the scroll as he made the handseals and slammed his hand against the ground. "Summoning Jutsu! With that he released a good amount of charak and smoke shot out around him, for a split second he had the chance to jump onto it but instead was blown backwards on the mountain. Then there it was, a very, incredibly huge Toad that stood with one foot on either mountain on side of him, a pipe that hand from his mouth and large scar on his belly. "Who dare summon me!?" Gamabunta screamed as his eyes searched around.

They found the blonde man within a few seconds where he seemed to look down at the man. "So someone found the Sage's hidden scroll and decided to give it a spin! Bad move punk!" Gamabunta said with a fierce voice, his small pupils(which were huge in comparison to Cloud's entire body) were fixed on the ANBU captain as he awaited a response. "Your a loud Toad aren't you?" Cloud hollered back and saw a twitch of the eyebrow as Gamabunta swung the large dagger as he unsheathed it.

As the dagger ripped through the lands and went for Cloud, he simply jumped and landed softly on top of the dagger, chakra infused into his feet to keep him from being pulled off by the wind. "Seems like you aren't in the mood to talk but I summoned you here to request you fight alongside me and Konoha!" Cloud said from the tip of the dagger as he looked at Gamabunta's scarred face directly. "We are the justice of the world and we are trying to protect the peace but I need the power of the Toad Sage to help accomplish that."

"And what the hell is a Konoha and why should I care? You could all perish and I wouldn't bat an eye!" Gamabunta screamed across his blade as oil was shot in a hard ball at the end of the blade. Cloud jumped upward and out of the cross reach as he threw three kunai at the Chief Toad's head, all three getting stuck but making literally no damage at all. "Don't insult the Hidden Leaf!" The Captain's voice was strong as the wailing of birds over took the sounds of the sky. Suddenly he flashed to the head of the toad, his Chiodri buried deep into the tough skin as Cloud could stick it.

Suddenly a shock was sent throughout Gamabunta's entire body. As the Toad began to fall Cloud felt himself shuffle some. The strong Chidori had taken a lot out of him with the flash as Gamabunta began to slide down the mountain with the ANBU Captain on his back. 'Calm down... Come on..Come on, think.. That's it!!" Cloud began to perform handseals fast as he could. "Reverse summon jutsu!" Then like that, the Toad was a puff of smoke and Cloud fell hard against the snow on side the mountain and began to slide downward. As he started to gain speed he sucked himself into the familiar Red Flash and appeared in a much more peaceful, especially warm area right next to Gamabunta who lied down in the grass.. If Cloud didn't know any better, he would think the Toad was taking a nap.

"What an impressive young man... He was able to hurt Gamabunta and make it here.." An old toad, about knee high with Cloud had said as he walked slowly towards him. He was accompanied by a couple more toads and as Cloud looked around he saw the grass was brighter than ever, mountains, toad statues surrounded him. "Where exactly am I?" There was cuts, bruises and an exhausted look about Cloud as he asked the question. [color=green][b] "Well son, it's simple. You are at Mount Myoboku, the home of the toads!"[color=green][b]

{1000 words, W.I.P}



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Toad Contract Training
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