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 The Beginning of the Journey to Dragon Ground Cave!

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Myojin Yashagoro
Myojin Yashagoro

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The Beginning of the Journey to Dragon Ground Cave! Empty
PostSubject: The Beginning of the Journey to Dragon Ground Cave!   The Beginning of the Journey to Dragon Ground Cave! EmptyMon Jun 06, 2016 11:34 pm

Myojin Yashagoro would be outside of the village of Otogakure during the night, not bothering to return before anyone could assume he was up to something. Having gone out under the guise of training, his becoming a Genin was the start of his plans to find the home of where his elders originally became what they are now; old, near-unrecognizable snake-people. He wished to find this place and see if there's anything he can learn from it, or perhaps a contract he can sign in order to help himself improve in his personal abilities more. Even for now, just finding the place would be enough for the young, snake-like male to be happy, especially since after he finds it he can just leave and return to learn more, should he be allowed to.

Traversing throughout the woods in the outskirts of the village alone, the four foot five, white haired male with pale skin and red, snake-like eyes would customarily dust off his blue and white kimono and black shinobi trousers, his doing it purely as a means of getting ready to leave and begin looking around the outskirts of Otogakure before he would dare travel outwards. First, he would travel to the one hundred foot tall tree outside of the village, where, if traveled up to the top, he would be able to see farther away than before. Thanks to his training of Chakra control with Miyo, that shouldn't be such a problem for him.

Closing his eyes, Myojin would scratch at the bandages covering his scales around his stomach area lightly, trying to help quell an itch there which constantly comes on a near-daily basis. Then, he would take a step forward onto the side of the tree, his foot sticking to the bark as he took another, and then another, and then another until he would begin to run up the towering naturally-made object, almost as if gravity has changed to the point where he now has to walk on the sides of trees instead of on the ground itself. The world would surely have an odd view from this angel, looking as though while on one side buildings and a natural wall of sorts is behind him while ahead there is nothing else other than a deep, abyss of sky. He would reach fifty feet at this moment, not wishing to look down or rather, to the side of the tree, as it could possibly ruin his concentration and instead of traveling the young male would be busy with what would be a series of broken bones or even with dying from the ensuing fall.

Myojin would be at seventy five feet at this moment, still closing in to the top of the tree, his legs moving on as he wasn't moving at the fastest speed he could reach in order to not only conserve his energy but also so he can put said energy into his focusing of his Chakra. He was nearly to the top, and nearly at the point where he can see at the maximum distance possible for the moment. He had to hurry so he wasn't hanging alongside the outskirts of the village long enough to be spotted, so he kicked it into gear for a moment, helping him finally reach the top. At the top, Myojin would be disappointed, as he could not find anything that may even closely resemble a place where a large cave of Snakes would be, meaning that he would most likely have to travel outside of the land in order to find it. He did however see the full scale of the minor village of Otogakure, a sight which he made sure was kept in his mind completely as a reminder of the layout of the location.

He would see signs of the small lake nearby, meaning that Myojin could head over there and see about perhaps getting some of the fresh water and storing it for use in case he is around a place requiring it. Climbing down from the towering tree took slightly shorter than climbing up, though still was just as disorienting. Reaching the bottom of the behemoth, Myojin would begin to make his way to the lake, where he would reach the cool, fresh water after a brisk traveling throughout the forest, one that couldn't take anything more than a few minutes. Leaning over, he would run his right hand lightly though the surface of the water, only slightly disturbing it. As he did so, however, he could see something out of the corner of his eye.. something he didn't know was friend or foe.

Jumping to the left, away from whatever it was that had approached him, Myojin would get ready to fight whatever it was, only for the creature, which now seemed to be a three-foot long snake with blue scales and eyes as red as Myojin's himself, to scream "Wait!". Myojin would be both surprised and confused at the fact the creature just spoke to him, showing clear signs of an ability to speak like a Human Being. It surprised him entirely, even. He knew he suspected that there are beings out there with the ability to speak like Humans, though he didn't actually know know it, making him still nearly as surprised as someone that wouldn't expect it. "You... You can talk? You're a Snake, though!" He would say, his guard still up, expecting the Snake to turn back into a Shinobi at any moment. Perhaps it was Miyo playing a prank on him? "Yes to both of those, Myojin. I have been watching you for a long time, waiting until you were alone, until you were ready to discover me. It seems that by the headband I have seen you receive, you are ready for the first step."

"First... step?" The white-haired boy inquired of the Snake, cautious of it, wondering what it meant by first step. He had no doubt he could defeat it in battle, as it was it against him, a Shinobi, but still, what could it have meant? "Yess, the first step. I know where Ryuchi Cave is, Myojin, and I wish to come with you so I may show you the location, and you may find your answers to why the water Snake spared you, and why you are the way you are." It would say, responding to Myojin as it neared closer to him. "My name is Abihu, I apologize for any sort of startling that I have caused." After it would introduce itself Myojin would let his guard down. It's obvious this creature has known the boy from the start, which is rather terrifying, to say the least, as for all he knows, this Snake could have taken part in devouring the other sacrifices just like all of the others. Still, if what it is saying is true, then Myojin would just have to follow its' directions and he would be home-free. Yes.. He didn't have much of a choice but to accept this Snake's offer to show him the location of Ryuchi Cave, so he may get the answers he seeks. "Fine, coil yourself around me, so we can begin to travel." He would say as he felt the three-foot long creature begin to ride itself up along his arm, the smooth scales of it brushing against his own as it would continue up his right arm and then around his shoulders, where it would rest comfortably.

"Let's go, young one, we shouldn't waste time." And with that, both Snake Boy and Snake were about to take off, ready to find Ryuchi Cave.
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The Beginning of the Journey to Dragon Ground Cave!
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