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 Advanced Nature Training

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Himura Raiden

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PostSubject: Advanced Nature Training   Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:53 pm

I think that with learning new elements, there isn't a word count to learn Advanced Natures.

I'm suggesting that in the case of Advanced Chakra Nature training, Natures with 2 Components like Wood or Ice require a word count of 1,500, and Natures with 3 Components like Dust and Kin's Purification Release, requiring a total of 2,000 words to learn.

I think this on the basis of the Advanced Natures technically being a Third Nature on the count of the two component natures and a Fourth Nature on the count of the three component natures, due to the fact that you need either two or three elements in order to learn them. It would also be the natural progression in difficulty in learning the elements.

Ex. 1(Free), 2(1,000), 3(1,500), 4(2,000)

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Advanced Nature Training
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