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 The Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest

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Sakina Hikaeme
Sakina Hikaeme

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PostSubject: The Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest    Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:30 pm

1 Am 
Its 1 o'clock in the morning, Mai had just finished packing her bags, she stocked up with food, medical supplies such as bandages and different kinds of medicines. She has a very long journey ahead of her. She was going to be traveling to the Shikkotsu Forest to meet with slugs who live there. She had gotten the Okay from the Hokage to leave on this journey she was very excited to begin her training with the slugs who are very adept in the healing arts. Before she leaves she would wake up her parents to say good bye. Mai wanted to leave early so that she could beat the heat and could probably be a good amount of the way there by mid day. 

1 :30 Am 
After wishing her parents good bye she would leave her house walking down the stairs. She would look back at her parents house and then turn her head to the road ahead of her. She was very apprehensive she has never left the village by herself but there is always a first for everything. "Right?" her uncertainty was very present in her shaky voice. She would pass Ichiraku and wave goodbye to the place where she had her first date and she would soon reach the Villages Gate and there she stood about to walk out. 

2:00 Am 
Standing in front of the gate Mai would be stopped by two of the villages guards. "Hey you can't leave!" One of the jonin would shout. Mai would turn her head to the guard and reach into a pocket in her skirt and pull out a letter which reads that she has permission to leave the village due to her purpose of training. After finally sorting out this misunderstanding, Mai would be allowed to leave the village and would do so. She would walk down the dirt path that starts at the viallge gates. The farther she travels the smaller the village gates get and the smaller she feels, the world is now hers to explore, she has a general idea of where the Forrest is but really right now it is mainly trail and error of where to go. "Last I checked the Shikkotsu Forest was in between the Land of Fire and the Land o Grass. So west i go." She would begin walking and would then stop. "Which way is west." She would sigh of all things she forgets to bring a map and she was to far from the village to go back so maybe she will be able to find one at a rest stop but this would off course be a major what if. 

3;45  Am
She had been wandering aimlessly for hours with out a map, She is scared about where she could be . "Could she have walked all the way to The land of lightning by accident or could she be on her way to the land of Water which would b in the exact oppsite direction. "She began to shiver at the thought of being in mercenary territory but decided not tor try to bring attention to the fact that she is lost and just keep heading straight. Maybe she would be able to find her location but unfortunately heading straight for her was heading right into a ditch. Falling feet first into a 10 foot ditch was just the icing on the cake for what seems to be a long and annoying journey. She would be stuck in the ditch for five minutes before using a root to climb her way out. "Who even digs a hole in the middle of nowhere to begin with. 

3:50 Am 
The young girl would still carry on her journey upon finally reaching a rest stop she would begin crying tears of joy. "Yes!" She would walk in and remember that it is still very early in the morning and these people must still be asleep right. Wrong the old lady who runs the rest stop would open the doors and grab Mai by the wrist bringing her side the building. "Please eat up. You look like you have seen hell in our travels." The old lady was kind but also very over bearing she actually kept handing Mai bowl after bowl of different soups. "Madam, This is nice and all but i am really on a time table and all i really need is a map that will take me to the border of the Land of Fire and the land of Grass." Mai would say hesitantly not trying to hurt the old woman's feelings. Oh All you need is a map?" The old lady would ask to make sure she had the right information. "Yes." Mai would then respond. "To the Land of Grass." She said again, "Yes!" Mai was begging to get frustrated with the old ladies lack of speed. "Why didn't you just say so i have one right here. " The Old lady would hand her a map and would open it to point to where they were. "We are right here. She points into the middle of the Land of Fire. "So In about 5 hours you should be on the border of the land of grass.

4:00 AM 
"Another Five hours. " She would moan. You have got to be kidding me. She would then set out with the map in hand and going west ward. She was rather Annoyed at the fact she did not eat any of the old ladies food and can not go back to her rest stop to get food and look desperate, She was so close she could feel it. "Shikkotsu Forest here i came." Mai would run at her fastest to try to cut the time. If she could cut the time by at least two hours she would have succeeded in her goal. Looking up at the sky the stars had all faded and the sun was beginning to rise the horizon was pink with a yellow tint. It was quite beautiful.

9:30 AM
It was 9:30 and the sun was finally out and it began heating the ground which in turn made Mai begin to sweat Little. She finally made it to the border of the two countries. As she would look around she would see a beautiful forest. She would rush over to the little grotto that was created by tress and there would be little slugs waiting on the outside. Slithering theire way around the entrance which she took as a welcoming. Waking into the grotto she knew she had fianly made it to Shikkotsu Forest and can hopefully finally start her training with the great slugs that reside there. 

11 AM -
She had wandered into the forest and was amazed by all the colorful slugs that lived there. Some of them would look at her while others just sat Minding there own business but in that moment a Pink Slug by the name of Katsoni would land on Mai's head and all the color would rush from her face as the slug would put her face in front of Mai's. "Hi I am Katsoni. Nice to meet you." She was very nice and cheerful, But unfortunately Mai was still in shook over the slime in her hair. "Whoa no need to scream I am a nice slug actually we are all nice slugs. We are not like those stupid snakes." Katsoni would then slide down Mai's  face and thendown her body to the floor. "I guess you are here to meet Katsuya" The Little slug was very smart and manged to figure out  why she was here even though why else would a human come to the Shikkotsu forest. 

12 PM 
It was finally Noon but in the forest you could not tell becasue of the thick trees that cover the slugs and created lots of shade which kept it at a very comfortable temperature, Katsoni would slide along the ground while Mai followed closely behind her. They would soon enter a area that was very large it was actually the size of a tournament stadium and there laying in the middle was Katsuya the queen of the Slugs she was very large, but very majestic. She would move her visual sensors to look at Mai who was definitely considered an ant in size to the Great Katsuya. "Hello Welcome to the Shikkotsu Forest. I am Katsuya."Her sensor would move yet again looking at Katsoni. "I can see  you have already met the young Katsoni." Katsuya's voice was sweet and calming. "Oh um." Mai would bow her head in the presence of the great slug. "Um Lady Katsuya. I have come here to make a summoning pact with the great Slugs of the Shikkotsu Forest." Mai would then look back up to the massive slug. "While you have manged to find our home you must become acquainted  with us Slugs, and our home before I agree to signing a pact with you." Katsuya's sensor would then look back up to the sky.. "Katsoni would you be so kind as to show our visitor around." Katsuya would ask the smaller slug. "Yes of Course Lady Katsuya." Katsuni would then begin to glide away on the mucusy trail she created from before, Mai would then bow her head again to Katsuya. "Thank you for your time Lady Katsuyu." Mai woud then pick her her head back up and then walk beside Katsoni.  

1:30 pm 
Katsoni would begin a tour of the forest. "Is Lady Katsuya not the coolest Slug ever. " She had a tone of admiration to her voice. "Well I have not met many slugs but she does seem really nice." The Nicest.". Mai would smile as they continued the journey of the forest. "That is where Hiko lives. I don't think you care he isn't as cool as Lady Katsuyu. and He is also old and really annoying." Mai would laugh at the young slugs comments. "So Katsoni how old are you?" Mai would ask out of plain curiosity. "Oh Me I am 130 years old." The slug responded. Mai was surprised at the slugs age. "Wow." Mai was flabbergasted by her response. "But to humans I am 13 years old." Mai would then realize that is where the attitude comes from. "Are you a medical ninja?" Katsoni would ask. "Yes I am that is  why I came here I wanted to learn the secrets of healing from the best healers in the world. "Well you came to the best then." Katsoni would laugh and then show her to the back of the forest

3:00 Pm 
Katsoni would take the girl back to Lady Katsuyu's chamber and there the giant waited for the two to comeback. "Welcome back. I hope you have made your decision." Lady Katsuyu would say as her sensors would focus in on Mai and Katsoni. "Would you Like to make a pact with us Lady Mai?" Katsuyu was ready for an answer. "How do you know my name Lady Katsuyu?" Mai was wondering how she learned her name even though she never told her her name."You see lady Katsuyu can, dived her self into smaller components so she was probably watching our tour." Katsoni would say in place of Lady Katsuyu. "Katsoni is right. I was watching to see if you and us slugs would be a nice fit and we are. So please except this scroll. "Two smaller slugs would carry the summoning scroll on them. and would place it in front of Mai. "Please open it." "Mai would open the scroll and roll it out fully in front of her. Looking down she would knee in front of it. "Now Lady Mai please sign the scroll in blood to signify your deal with us the slugs of Shikkostu forest. "Mai would bite her finger and signh her name onto the scroll signifing a deal that will last a life time. "Welcome to the Shikotsu Forest Lady Mai." 
[2012, Claiming Summoning Contract with Slugs.]


Health Pool: 152

Chakra Pool: 159 

Strength: 6

Speed: 4 
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The Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest
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