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 Paper Release: Paper transformation

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Koani Shikigani
Koani Shikigani

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The Ninja
Clan: Shikigami
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Paper Release: Paper transformation Empty
PostSubject: Paper Release: Paper transformation   Paper Release: Paper transformation EmptyFri Jun 03, 2016 9:16 pm

Name: Paper Release: Paper transformation

Rank: C

Element: Paper

Specialties: Ninjustu

Requirements: Must be in the Shikigami clan

Description: Being in the Shikigami clan they were able to manipulate paper as justus and one day they created an ultimate justu called the Paper transformation where they infuse their bodies with the paper so they can avoid attacks by scattering as papers. They can also stay in this paper form for 2 posts but they cannot attack and fire attacks are boosted by +15.
Damage: N/A

Chakra: 15 per post

Cooldown: 3 posts

Word Count: 1,000

Cannon or Custom: Custom
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Paper Release: Paper transformation
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