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Himura Raiden
Himura Raiden

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Join date : 2016-06-03

The Ninja
Clan: N/A
Specialties: Bukijutsu, Ninjutsu
Elements: Fuuton, Katon, Suiton

PostSubject: PAINT THAT FENCE!   Fri Jun 03, 2016 8:13 pm

Name: Paint that Fence!
Rank: D
Description: This mission is for a old lady that wants her fence painted from white to a dark blue color. Paint and Brushes provided by the Old Lady. She is too old to do it herself, and needs it done by the end of the day. Genin must watch the paint dry to make sure nothing happens to disturb the paint.

Pay: 100
Wordcount: 500
Village: Konoha

Himura Raiden's Stats and Info
Himura Raiden's Profile
Himura Raiden's Info Sheet
Is the Jinchuuriki of Kokuo, the Gobi and the Dolphin Horse
Health Pool: 260
Chakra Pool: 250
Armor Pool: 50(Right Bicep)
Strength: 6
Speed: 9
Spec: Bukijutsu, Ninjutsu
Element: Fuuton, Katon, Suiton
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Myojin Yashagoro
Myojin Yashagoro

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The Ninja
Clan: Yashagoro
Specialties: Senjutsu
Elements: Suiton

PostSubject: Re: PAINT THAT FENCE!   Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:06 pm

Approved for Konoha~
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