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 Well then (Xylia, NK)

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PostSubject: Well then (Xylia, NK)   Fri Jun 03, 2016 7:46 pm

Kuma sat at his least favorite stand about to eat his favorite meal... Ok that was a lie it was more like his 8th favorite meal but something he liked none the less. It was ramen, he sat at the stall and ordered his food. He sat and waited for it to cook. Looking on both sides he saw that he was all alone in the stand. He sighed. He must have come during the quiet hours.

Kumagawa's mind would think back to when he couldn't even get his order in considering how crowded it was. Though in minutes he would receive his order. Grabbing his spoon, he would begin to taste the broth of the soup before grabbing his chopsticks and begin digging in.

Health: 230
Chakra: 230
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Well then (Xylia, NK)
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