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 Koani Shikigami

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Koani Shikigani

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The Ninja
Clan: Shikigami
Specialties: Ninjustu, S/T, Genjustu
Elements: Water, Lightning

PostSubject: Koani Shikigami   Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:38 pm

~Koani Shikigami~

Basic Info

Birthdate: July 5
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 100
Appearance: Koani has black hair and a black and white jacket with gray shorts and black boots. The paper she uses is black that matches her hair she also has a scar over her right eye she has the right part of her hair tied but the left hanging over the side.

The Person

Background: Koani and her family stayed in hiding until she decided she didn't want to hide any more so she joined the village of Kumoagakure and acted like a normal girl just like everyone else but sometimes lets it slip by showcasing her amazing skills with paper like making perfect paper shurikens or paper cranes despite saying that she never learned origami before. She spent most of her days trying to become stronger and actually was assigned Anubu in Kumogakure.
Personality: Koani is a very relaxed person it takes a lot to get her mad and is very active and optimistic she likes to have fun and play tricks on others by scaring them. On her down time Koani likes to make paper planes and paper cranes she sometimes gives them as gifts to her friends because they know that she only gives them away on special occasions.
- Reading
- Playing tricks
- Origami
- Killing
- Unnecessary yelling 
- Being rude

The Ninja

Rank: Anubu
Affiliation: Kumogakure
Specialty: Ninjustu, Space time, Genjustu
Element: Paper
Kekkei Genkai: Paper Release
Health Pool: 250
Chakra Pool: 250
Strength: 4
Speed: 5


Alternate Characters: N/A
Roleplay Sample: Koani laid back in her chair perfectly making paper planes and forcing them to fly by controlling them it amused her as she played around with them until she saw one of her friends coming and she put the planes down and turned "Hi!!!" Koani gets up to greet her friend and they walk past the tall vast mountains and kept playing with her airplanes "So.... What you wanna do today?" Koani was soon interrupted by her captain she turns to her firend and waves goodbye and runs off "So..... What we gonna do today?" She says in the same tone as if she were talking to a friend  
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Sakina Hikaeme

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The Ninja
Clan: Hikaeme
Specialties: Medical, Ninjutsu
Elements: Water and Fire

PostSubject: Re: Koani Shikigami   Sat Jun 04, 2016 2:41 pm

Approved Konani. Make the Raikage proud!


Health Pool: 152

Chakra Pool: 159 

Strength: 6

Speed: 4 
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Koani Shikigami
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