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 Protect the prince and his brat[Shinji, Mai, Rai]

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Rai Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: Protect the prince and his brat[Shinji, Mai, Rai]   Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:55 am

Shinji suggested going forward and Cloud agreed with letting him do that. So did Rai. The man seemed like he was used to taking the lead on missions, so there was no need to smother him with what he had to do when he had his own ways that he could prove valuable to the team. He had already done that in battle. So when Shinji took to the trees, Rai followed Cloud and sat down cross legged behind a tree.

Their commander told them to be ready, but Rai already was. The man he faced before wasn't enough to satisfy him, and now he had a second chance at some real fun. He waited for the jounin to come back until Mai had come up and mentioned that the little prince had gotten poisoned in their last scuffle. And though she had proven to be a great medic, she hadn't had the necessary jutsu to help him. This is where Rai had to step in. Her option was completely too dangerous for him to let her attempt. Getting up, he beckoned Mai forth to follow him. "I may be able to take care on this one," he said in confidence.

Upon approaching the two princes, he saw that the younger was laying unconscious on a makeshift pillow with his father looking at him with conceded eyes. Kneeling down, he saw the girls slug trying to help as best it could. "Make way please, I need space to work on him." Both the prince and the slug moved out of the way and he immediately began to operate.

Activating is Byakugan, he saw that the poison was spread all around the boys body. The worst part was near the gash in his arm. Opening his pack, he took out two bowls, some water and some medicinal fluid that he brings just for this purpose. Then, using his chakra to push the fluid inside the boy's body, he reached for the poison and began to pull it out little by little. Luckily the boy was unconscious because the pain would have had him screaming. Once he successfully got the poison out, he dropped it in the second bowl and continued to do that.

After a few times of doing this, he stood up and wiped his brow. The boy's color began to come back. "The dosage of poison in his system is no longer lethal," he said to his audience. Turning to Mai, he placed a hand on her shoulder. "If you would please heal the gash on his arm now, that would be great. And if you feel like it is needed, an antidote can be engineered from the poison in that bowl." Then turning to the prince, he placed a hand on his shoulder."Your son will be fine. Luckily we have two Konoha medical nin here."



The Ninja:
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PostSubject: Re: Protect the prince and his brat[Shinji, Mai, Rai]   Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:27 am

It had been sometime since Shinji had left the group, He was drawing closer when he came across 2 ninja. They had not noticed him yet, this was good as he could surprise one of them and possibly take the other. Reaching to his tanto he prepared his attack, the ninja were 100 meters from their friends into the forest around them. A recon group, obviously. Shinji lunged from the tree, the tanto claiming the life of one. The stained blade in hand he quickly spun planting the hilt of the blade into the mans right cheek bone, knocking him unconscious with a large blue and purple bruise claiming his face. Shinji lifted the man over his shoulder, he jumped into the tree he had came from with his tanto returned to it's sheathe.

Looking through the tree line he counted 18 men and women carrying ninja tools, he saw a line running across the road low to the ground. Using his perception he followed the line to hidden spring loaded senbon, a few feet ahead they began to bury hidden paper bombs. This was a battlefield of traps set just for Shinji and his group, he had to get back and let them know.

Shinji would take off through the woods, using the trail he used to get there. It wasn't long and he would come from the forest at his team, it was as sudden as his departure. Dropping the enemy he had snagged before them, he would begin speaking "They are preparing for us, traps are all over the place. They have trip wires and even hidden paper bombs, They may have more hidden before even those." Shinji still even in this situation had his calm and cool demeanor because panic would only lead to stupid decisions. He would then tie the enemy he collected to a tree, before pouring his canteen on the enemy and speaking to the awakened enemy. "You saw your friend die, so save yourself. Where are the traps?" The enemy began laughing as he spoke, "You idiots. I can't believe your still alive, we have traps here. In this very spot all the way to where you spotted us." Shinji quickly turned to his team, to check on everyone. Then the sound of a capsule breaking, turning back he saw the enemy had busted a suicide capsule taking his own life in seconds. Shinji spoke to the team, "Has anyone seen a trap?" About the time he spoke the prince tripped a wire, Shinji moved fast tackling him out of the way. 6 senbon flew to the location the prince had been standing, Shinji was stuck by 2 in his calf luckily it appeared there was no poison on these. He would pluck them from his body and speak "Everyone, be extremely careful. I recommend no one move till we figure all this out." He would begin looking around the area they were in, searching for the traps.

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Cloud Strife
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Anbu Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Protect the prince and his brat[Shinji, Mai, Rai]   Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:45 pm

The prince's son seemed to had gotten hit, it was a dire situation as Mai offered to use One's Own Life to save the boy. However Rai offered a separate plan to pull the poison from the boy's body and did so with ease it seemed. "Seems like you two have that under contro-" Before Cloud could finish speaking, Shinji had returned with an enemy. There was a slight smirk on his face, the White Lightning must've encountered a recon team and captured one of the enemies.

The interrogation was over almost as fast as it had started as the man killed himself. "Seems like we don't have too much of an option but to be careful for them. We can almost be sure that there are traps completely surrounding us. Rai, use your Byakugan and scan the forest for a clear passage." Cloud had begun to look around as the prince moved some and tripped a wire, Shinji was fast on his feet as he saved the man but caught two senbon in the process. "Damnit, Mai tend to Shinji's leg before we set off and you two" The blonde turned to the prince and his son. "Stay put!"

"We know where the enemy is now, we know we have many of traps ahead of us.. Let me ask you Shinji, when your lightning mode is activated, how far do you think you could throw one of my special kunia? Far enough to get us right into the enemies? If so, I can flash us three right into the mix, if we all prepare a strong, wide jutsu right when I flash we can take out a majority right away before they know what hit them.. And after, we leave no survivors. Civilians and ninja alike."



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Sakina Hikaeme

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The Ninja
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PostSubject: Re: Protect the prince and his brat[Shinji, Mai, Rai]   Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:03 pm

Mai would watch as Rai heals the boys wounds. It was working, she watched with her Golden eyes a majority of the poison leaving the boys system. "I will do my best. to make an antidote." Soon Shinji would return to warm them of a tap that was set. in place around them and the prince would set one off resulting in senbon flying at him she would watch as Shinji would heroically dive in moving the prince but being impaled by a few Senbon. Cloud would tell her to heal him which she would do no problem. Using the standard healing technique she would heal his wounds it would take about three minutes since it was a weaker technique but it was still getting the job done. "You need to be more carful you fool." She would smile at him with a little blush going through. 

Cloud would then Ask Shinji if he could throw a kunai into the base and warp them inside to the enemy's base. "With all do respect Cloud, Rai...But I can hold my own in a fight I may not take a life but I can fight. Let me go and Have Shinji watch after the prince and his son." Katsoni can stay too. Shinji shouldn't be walking yet anyway the wound is still fresh, he needs to sit this one out this coming from someone with an encyclopedic knowledge on the human body. "Oh my...I am so sorry that was really rude of me." SHe thought she offended them and quickly went int recluse mode.


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PostSubject: Re: Protect the prince and his brat[Shinji, Mai, Rai]   

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Protect the prince and his brat[Shinji, Mai, Rai]
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