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 Jigumo Style: Spider Sticking Spit

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PostSubject: Jigumo Style: Spider Sticking Spit   Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:31 pm

Name: Jigumo Style: Spider Sticking Spit (地蜘蛛流:蜘蛛粘吐 - Jigumo-Ryū: Kumonendo)

Rank: D

Element: N/A

Specialties: N/A

Requirements: Jigumo Clan Member | Blessing of the Tsuchigumo

Description: The user suddenly emits a stream of spider web from their mouth. The stream reaches a maximum of 10 meters. Upon sticking to a target or their weapon, the user can grab the web and pull/toss the opponent around or snatched away the weapon. A D-Rank Fire jutsu and or cutting jutsu can break the web, or if the user is 2 Strength higher than the Jigumo.

Damage: N/A

Chakra: 10

Cooldown: 3

Word Count: 500

Cannon or Custom: Canon
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Nakushita Akari
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Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Jigumo Style: Spider Sticking Spit   Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:42 pm

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Jigumo Style: Spider Sticking Spit
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