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Izuna Nobunari

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PostSubject: Nuibari   Tue May 31, 2016 10:49 pm

Weapons Template

Name: Nuibari (Sewing Sword)
Rank: S
Type: Longsword
Range: 30 meters

Capabilities: Allows the user to use techniques unique to the blade as well as stitching people together (explained below)
Appearance: Nuibari is a ten inch blade that has been fashioned to look like a needle, the hilt being wrapped in bandages. Where the hilt ends the wire pokes out through the "eye", the wire being 60 meters and feed through a wheel like system.

The blade itself assumes the form of a narrow "longsword" (長刀, chōtō) that greatly resembles a large needle, with a long length of thin wire-mirroring thread, tied through the eye located at the base of its hilt. This sword is said to possess the ability to pierce all and stitch them together, demonstrated through its ability to effortlessly penetrate multiple targets in a single thrust and then quite literally stitched them together in substantial bundles, by simply pulling the attached wire taut. A capable user can even throw the sword with the intent of piercing a line of multiple enemies, before catching the needle at the other side and repeating the process at different angles, in order to create knots of corpses with the wire passing through the entirety, effectively creating bundles of bodies at various points along the length of the thread Durability: 60 Sharpness: 40

Costs: A weapon that is handed down by generations, obtained by taking from previous user
Requirements: Take from previous owner (Current Owner Izuna Nobunari)
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PostSubject: Re: Nuibari   Tue May 31, 2016 10:58 pm

Approved, Just know you have to give context as to how Izuna gained the blade (a.k.a do a flashback post)
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