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PostSubject: Monamasume   Tue May 31, 2016 10:29 pm

~Kutsuki Suigyomatsu Unraimatsu Furaimatsu Kuunerutokoro Sumutokoro Chōkyūmei Chōsuke Hokurika, Monamasume ~

Formal Attire:


Basic Info

Birthdate: March 3rd
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Blood Type: -A
Height: 6'8
Weight: 217 lbs
Appearance: Monamasume seems to look like the stereotypical "Bad Guy" thug. He has the mafia-like slicked back hair, open, button up floral shirt, red slacks, golden rings, golden neck-chain, red beady eyes, dress-shoes, and waist wrapped up in bandages. Then there is the fact that he is almost seven feet tall, and is mostly muscle. However, one can note that some markings, mostly scars, sometimes show a little from the bandages, which suggest that he was tortured at one point. Another thing is that he lacks almost anybody hair, his skin as smooth as a baby's bottom. Another thing to note is that, the flowers on his tattoos are specifically the Rafflesia arnoldii. This flower is the largest in the world and is known as the corpse flower, due to the fact that is has pungent and strong oder that is highly similar to decaying flesh.

With his formal, business and actual Yakuza attire on, Monamasume wears a red, button-up coat, with a black, formal shirt underneath it. His tie is a very bright red color and has slanted black stripes  going down it. His slacks are the same shade of red as his coat and tie, and are very smooth and comfortable. His shoes, while nearly the exact same as the ones he usually wears, are noticeably more shiny and new, without a smudge on them. In his upper-right pocket, he keeps a handkerchief that has the same design as his tie. Finally, Monamasume has a stereotypical mafia-esque fedora. The actual hat portion of it shares the same red as his coat and slacks, while its strip is black, and holds a small embroidered card, having a very beautiful design of a flower on it.

Now then, onto his traditional, oriental clothing. Monamasume basically wears a red kimono, red hattori, and a white to dark gray hakama. The hakama has several black lines that go straight down. The hattori, on the other hand, is embroidered with his Yakuza's symbol in gold-colored silk. The entire outfit is rather loose on him, making it actually very comfortable, no I am not kidding. It actually does feel rather good.

The Person

March 3rd..... a very cold and rainy night in the minor village of  Ryu Na Shun, located in the Land Of Waves. Lightning piereced through the sky, almost as if Raijin was mad. Mad at what, you might ask. Had they not made offerings to the Gods and Goddesses? Had they not delivered their prayers and up most faith in them? Had they given all they had? All these questions remained unanswered as right as the next strike of Lightning came, the shriek of life echoed. Emerald hair, ruby eyes. Sharp teeth like a dog. Sadistic smile of a snake. It wasn't long to see that Monamasume's birth seemed to be something wrong. Unlike all children who cry when they are birthed, he did not. Unlike all children who are born blind, he was not, he looked at everything, curious, ruby eyes roaming about the alleyway, the wet face of his broken mother, and the saddened face of his older brother. He saw it all. Now then, lets skip to 8 years into the future. The young Monamasume was just beginning his life in the outside world. Ever since his birth, his mother hounded him to stay by her and away from his brother and his 'big boy' friends. However, mom wasn't here today, so off the young boy left, finding his 17 year old brother and two of his friends. A slightly short, dark-skinned fellow and a lanky pale male wearing a hoodie. In a instant, grins came about on their faces, and they approached Monamasume, talking kindly, rubbing his head and such. It took barely any effort at all to lure the child into bad deeds. Stealing goods, delivering "boxes", begging on the street for money. Of yes, it was easy to manipulate the innocent 8 year old. However, like all the movies we see of this kind of life, it soon came to a end. At age nine, Monamasume and his brother found out their mother was killed during "work" by a man by the name "Hefei Lu". Enraged, Monamasume's older brother gathered his friends and laid seige to the man's estate. They didn't even make it to the doormat....

Alone, orphaned, hungry, cold, and insanely depressed, Monamasume pressed on the days, feeding on the scarps found in trash cans, side-walks, and passer-bys who felt sorry for him. Starving, his once youthful body soon reverted to what looked like a human skeleton. Death was approaching closer and closer to the young, young boy. This was it, this was the end. This is final chapter within his little life. Or so he thought. Having the fall of Monamasume's brother being done, a new group emerged, led by 20 year old Roku Suigyomatsu. Having found the child passed out in one of the extensive alley ways, Roku, knowing he had nothing to give, decided to take the youngster in. Afterall, the gang always needed to grow. Waking up in a actual bed, Monamasume questioned where he was, in-which, Roku replied "Home.". More specifically, the Suigyomatsu headquarters, a abandoned apartment complex. Being fed and nutured to health, Monamasume couldn't help but feel indebt to Roku for his surprising kindness. In-return, he vowed to remain loyal to the man. Afterall, what did he have to loose? For the next 4 years, he became a loyal member of the Suigyomatsu. He quickly rose through the ranks, and became Roku's in-command. It was around this time, age 13, young Monamasume discovered porn. While originally give heterosexual pornagraphy, he soon found out he wasn't attracted to women at all, rather, he grew a yerning for the touch of a man. Young, confused, and rather stupid, he came to the only person he fully trusted, Roku. Roku, being a honest and understanding man, said these feelings will eventually simmer down, and merely found some homosexual magazines for Mona before sending him off before resuming his meditation. Of course, someone happened to hear them, and the entire gang began insulting and teasing the young boy. Hurt, he once again returned to Roku. Annoyed by the ignorance of his men, he made each give a gift to the boy, explaining that he must grow in a good enviroment to become strong. Begrudingly, they agreed. However, not all did, and instead, defected to a rivalling gang, the Unraimatsu. Outraged, war was waged. Roku quickly fell and Monamasume became prisoner to the powerful gang.

Enslaved like cattle, Monamasume became nothing but a servant boy to the entire gang, especially the leader, Kurokani Unraimatsu. The old basterd, age 58, gleefully enjoyed making Monamasume's life a living hell. Sometimes forcing him to wear nothing but a thong and allow the others to mock him, at other times, picking up all the trash in their base, and such. For 2 years, he went through this, his body being regularly shaven to maintain a girly visage to which the Unraimatsu could mock. It wasn't until Kandid Unraimatsu, Kurokani's successor and son, came to power in the bōryokudan. Unlike his fellow members, Kandid was openly bisexual, which earned ire of many, though none seeked to show disrespect towards him. The boy, age 15, was stronger, faster, and much more clever than his father, and could kill with a man with just a pen. The placid teen took interest into Monamasume and made him his personal servant, no longer being used by the other members. It didn't take long for the hospitality of Kandid to comfort Monamasume, which is exactly what he did. In secret, they had affair that last nearly 4 years until it came to "public view". Though the Yakuza disagreed heavily with Kandid, he caredlessand continued ruling, Monamasume now becoming the second most powerful person in Unraimatsu. Under the actual suggestion of Kandid, Monamasume was given permission to "punish" those who wronged him. Though hesitant, Kandid helped him and picked out most of those who were exceedingly cruel. Under Kandid's watchful eyes, Monamasume finally got his revenge against those who wronged him. Relief surged through his body as they suffered under his hand. It was the relief of the fact that they wouldn't hurt him anymore, and that he was able to exact his revenge against them. Who would've thought the son of the very man who imprisoned him and made him suffer would turn out to be his lover and greatest ally. However, one faithful morning, Monamasume woke up to find his lover dead from poisoning. The Unraimatsu then disbanded, leaving Monamasume alone once more.

Depressed from the loss of his lover, angry over the fact of loosing everything, and miserable due to being so lonely, Monamasume, now a young man, left his little village, and began his life as a Wanderer. For months on end, he traveled from village to village, doing odd-jobs here and there, but nothing big. That is, not until he met the Furaimatsu Traveling Circus. It was late in the night, on the outskirts of Kumogakure No Sato. Having no been able to find a Inn that didn't charge over a few thousand ryo, Monamasume was left to sleep in the Wilderness. Tired, hungry, sleepy, he quietly slept on the ground, the dirt not minding him at all. Atleast, not until it began vibrating. Waking up, Monamasume looked to the east.  Lights, bright ones showed themselves. Upon venturing to it, he found that it was a circus. Elephants, clowns, giraffes, tigers, lions, magicians, the works. Astounded, he ventured closer, very intrigued. He managed to jump onto a small carriage that read "Management" on it, and entered. The inside was much more roomy than he orignally thought. Though small, it had a bed, bookself, and desk, which held what he supposed was the owner of the circus. A tall, thin dark skinned woman with long, beautiful hair. The two merely looked at each other before the woman laughed, offered somewhat nice hospitality. After explaining his situation, the woman, named Wa Furaimatsu, offered him a place in her circus, a worker. Having nothing to lose and wanting a bed to sleep in, he agreed. For 2 years, he worked under Furaimatsu, being either a food seller or ticket booth man. He made numerous friends, especially Wa, who soon became his sister via a bloodpact. His life slowly mending, he tried not to stray away from the life she had gave him. However, for Monamasume, age 21, this was challenging. One of the Beast Tamers, Sosai Kuunerutokoro, knew of Monamasume's criminal origins, and constantly urged him to join him and help him create a Yakuza, having been a former member of the Suigyomatsu. Everytime Monamasume denied, not wanting to leave his new family, his new life.  It was about that time the accident happened. During a performance, Wa was attacked by one of the Lions. Mauled horribly, a medic said she didn't have but a few days left. Monamasume stayed by her side throughout it, going as far as crying during her final day.

With the circus disbanding, and having no where else to go, Monamasume finally gave into Sosai and joined him. Sosai, why not Roku, seemed to have shared his quiet and wise nature, as he seemed to father Monamasume, going as far as to teach him the basics of Jutsu, Academy Level techniques, and even mentored him in Wrestling. This is where Sosai took notice in Monamasume's skill in the art. A idea came to him as they quickly left for Kumogakure, more specifcally, the Kumogakure Underworld. Starting out small, Sosai put Monamasume into underground street fights, to which, Monamasume almost always won. Using all the fight money they gained, they quickly rose through the ranks, and eventually were invited to the National Underground Fighting Tournament, or the NUFT. Monamasume, along with being supported by Sosai and their fellow Yakuza members, fought throughout the entire thing, eventually coming to the final round. His last opponent, Ten Kai Lu of Kusagakure. The battle began. Though he fought valiently, Monamasume was quickly outmatched by Ten, and was on the verge of passing out. Sosai lost hope in winning. That is, until, Ten spoke to Monamasume. "That bitch, Wa, I killed her. I use to fight for her before she left the scene, leaving me to deal with all the hate. I roughed up the lions before they were released, so they would be pissed. Bitch deserved it." Monamasume, Sosai, and practically everyone else went silent. The only sound that broke the air was the sound of a skull, cracking continously as the roars of rage and sorrow echoed into the night, but even those were drowned out by the sound of flesh being squished and crushed, followed by panic, and screaming. 4 years passed since that day, and Monamasume had become to Torturer of the Kuunerutokoro. His sadistic self becoming stronger by the day. Sosai took notice and attempted to put a stop to Monamasume. Though he defeated him, Monamasume destroyed their headquarters, having places Explosive Tags around the building as he ran out, ending the Kuunerutokoro.

Sumotokoro Chōkyūmei Chōsuke
Monamasume feld to the islands of Kirigakure No Sato. There, he was utterly alone. No people, no gangs, nothing. Calming down, he sought to live the rest of his life alone, in piece. As such, he gathered wood from the near-by forest to make his home. As he built it, he couldn't help but feel watched. However, no matter where he looked, he couldn't find anyone. Guessing that insanity was getting to him, he went about his business. After months of tireless work, Monamasume had made his home. Using wood and soft grass, he created his bed and slept in it. The next day, however, he heard a knock at the door. Curious as to who it would be, he opened it, but found nothing. Disturbed, Monamasume went out and searched about his home, but found nothing. The next day, there was a knock a knock at the door again. The young man rushed and opened it and again, found nothing. Vowing to find out who is doing this trickery, Monamasume hid himself on top of his roof and slept there for the night. At the crack of dawn, he awoke, and heard a knocking at the door. Quietly, he looked down, and found three men, two of equal height and one slightly shorter. They were bald and, judging by their robes, were monks. Agitated, Monamasume jumped down and demanded a explanation for this trickery. The trio looked at each other before the shortest spoke. "We were seeing if you were a man of cleverness. For three days, will come and knock on your door to see if you can catch us. If you could not, you would deem unworthy for our training. However, you managed to find us, deeming yourself worthy." Confused, Monamasume demanded what he was talking about, but the trio merely headed into the woods. Monamasume, not really knowing what to do, followed them. Soon, they came to what seemed like a grand monastary. Confused, Monamasume demanded again for explanation. However, the monks merely told him that they will train him. The boy, seeing that they will not answer, sighed and merely nodded. For 3 years, Monamasume trained under the monks. He learned smithing, meditation, religions,kenjutsu, and onojutsu. Afterward, they sent him away, deeming their training to be 'finished'. Monamasume, knowing they would not answer why, merely agreed and left the island, heading to Kirigakure. Once there, he asked the people of the 3 monks that lived on the island. They merely raised a eyebrow at him, saying that the only people to ever live there was Sumutokoro of Amegakure, Chōkyūmei of Takigakure, and Chōsuke of Otogakure, monks who had died nearly 200 years ago. Eyes wide open, Monamasume quickly went back to the island and went to where the temple was, but only found ruins, with no evidence of recent life....

Ambition. Ambition, loneliness, the need to accomplish, to be remembered. These feelings swelled up deep inside of Monamasume. He had loved, lost, died, reborn, went through Hell and back. All this time, he had worked under someone, helping them. Never had he once tried to go and seize power. Nope. Always, he had remained loyal. he had nothing. Nothing but burning in his chest. Ambition filled him. He was going to leave his mark now. It was his turn. However, he would honor all of those who helped him grow strong and wise. Making their names his, he set off into the world, a new passion burning. The entire while, his crazed smile never leaving him.

Personality: A young man whose main want in life is to create and govern his own Yakuza, Monamasume was born into the wrong crowd. Having grown up in gangs, doing as he pleases, he is quite sadistic, often torturing opponents who he dislikes. Arrogant and utterly carefree, Monamasume fears nothing and no-one, being very capable of taunting a Kage to their face and not tremble in absolute fear. He seems to have a habit of sitting in strange and odd places, such as on the top of chairs, tables, people. He also seems to sometime dramatically pose when giving declarations. He is almost always calm and cool, having a utter disregard for anything, and literally showing no fear. Ambitious and tenacious, he is one to hold grugdes for long periods of time, and sometimes will not rest until the injutstice done to him is repayed.

However, he can get mad, and when he does, he practically seeps with rage. He will continously mock and curse at the one for made him angry and, if anything, try to kill them. He becomes untamed, psychopathic, and even homicidal. However, he has more self-restraint with his gang members. Having no family to begin with, he sees them as his family, and treats them as such, surprising as that is. In a sense, it makes Monamasume seem like a hypocrite, even though he rarely ever show hypocrisy. However, he does mean well, and generally goes by the idea of "Respect me, I respect you", often only robbing and mugging people who have either wronged him or his fellow gang members. He is also quite the pervert, having several gay magazines stashed inside his button-up shirt.

He is also quite random when in his usual happy mood. He will pretty much do whatever he wants that he has currently in his power, such as doing karaoke, dancing, gambling and such. The main thing is, however, he almost always does it over the top, almost humourously so, due the fact that he is almost entirely fooling around. As such, while he can be serious, he finds serious people boring and would perfer to have simple fun in his free time. He is, however, knowledgeable enough to know when to stop fooling around and will become dead-serious if the situation calls for it, becoming a contradiction of himself. However, Monamasume still has some "problems". For example, he is actually very insecure and sensitive about being homosexual, a very easy way to piss him off is mocking him for it.

Ironically, in-contrast to his sometimes random and erratic behavior, he is can show how needy he is for love and care for those he deeply cares for. He will heavily mourn a friend's death, and even try show them in a honorable sort of way. He, at times, will also become slightly clingy to someone, often always wanting to go with them. While nothing more than a bother for the person, Monamasume would eventually break out of it and return to his random and playful ways. Also, stemming from his respect complex, he actually holds a great distain for racists, sexists, feminists(the bad kind), and those who fit into the other "hate" categories. Despite his reckless and seemingly heartless behavior at times, Monamasume can feel guilt for the things he did. For instance, if he kills a man that has not wronged him in anyway, or accidently killing one of his own Yakuza. While he can hide it very well, he will still feel the pain deep in his chest.

Monamasume often inserts his dominance over other men by using threats of sexual violence, and seems to also enjoy making them uncomfortable. One can easily misinterpret one of these false-threats as sincere promises, mainly due to his chaotic nature. However, this is mainly active when around people weaker than he is. The actual reason he does this is to make them more braver. For instance, they retaliate to his threats and stand-up to him. He will actually applaud bravery and point out the real reasons for his threats. However, this is not always the case. He sometimes just likes to make them uncomfortable. However, perhaps one of his more unique aspects is his encourage meant to tolerate others, such as those from different religious background, race, sexuality, ideals, and such. Much like the real world Genghis Kahn, Monamasume seems to want a smooth flowing organization, without any useless feuds. In-fact, he even studies religions within his free time, as contrary to his behavior as it maybe.

Likes: Monamasume, while slightly insane, does enjoy somethings. For instance, I already stated he likes sitting in weird places, as well as posing when exaggerating about something. He seems to enjoy reading his porn, aswell as training (physically). He loves the heat of battle, allowing himself to be drawn into it. He seems to enjoy meeting new people (surprisingly). But most of all, he enjoys recruiting people into his gang. It makes him feel that the Yakuza is growing and that soon, it will become a actual thing. While slightly..uh...stupid, he still holds to his goal, and seems not able to give up. He also seems to have a strange fondness towards flowers, often more calmer when in a field of them, aswell as known several species of them. He also seems to love karaoke and dancing, much to the embarrassment of his companions.

Dislikes: Time to call out the bullshit. Monamasume has a huge distain for snitches, but then again, don't we all? He hates it when people rant at him for little reasons, and he dislikes thoses who want perfection. He also hates those without reason, given, even when tormenting someone, he will always have a reasons as to why, whether it effects solely him, his Yakuza, or the people he cares for. He also dislikes it when something is done unjustly, which also attributes to what he does against another person usually has a reason. He is also annoyed when people tend to come a bit too close to him, not really liking the fact their chest is up against as they explain some worthless or stupid reasoning as to why they are right and as to why Monamasume is wrong.

The Ninja

Rank: Missing-Nin D-Rank
Affiliation: N/A
Specialty: Taijutsu
Element: Raiton (雷遁 - Lightning Release)
Kekkei Genkai: Meiton (冥遁 - Dark Release)
Health Pool: 100
Chakra Pool: 100
Strength: 2
Speed: 3


Alternate Characters: Munakata Koshimaru | Kimura Jigumo
Roleplay Sample:
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