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 Kimura Jigumo

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PostSubject: Kimura Jigumo   Tue May 31, 2016 1:45 am

~Jigumo, Kimura~

In color:

Basic Info

Birthdate: December 25th
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O
Height: 7'8
Weight: 632 lbs
Appearance: Kimura is a tall man with a muscular build. He has six arms and has two piercings on his neck, three on his chin, and a few on his second pair of arms. He has white eyes with a very big black iris, which makes his eyes look black. Each iris contains three white pupils adjacent to each other (done by a medical procedure in the past). Another notable trait of him are his black teeth (also done by a medical procedure). He also has a large scar on the left side of his chest.  His face, neck and original pair of arms have purple tattoos which are done in tribal style. He wears a light green bandana with a floral pattern. His hair is black in color and is styled into a single braid, reaching between his shoulder-blades. He also wears long, black pants and black shoes and also has a green sash around his waist.

The Person

Background: Born on Christmas day in the year 15 A.N., Kimura was apart of the then small Jigumo clan. The Jigumo had began producing their very own ninja and were beginning to make a name for themselves. They were beginning to be feared due to their appearances and capablities. Thus, at the ripe age of four, Kimura began his shinobi training. Though a mere boy, he quickly grew use to the ninja style of life. Kimura underwent the brutal training alongside the other children in his clan, where they would undergo both physical and psychological training in order to form them into weapons, allowing them to gain recognition and protect the clan. This training consisted of full-on combat with senior members of the clan (literally his older uncles and cousins), meditating out in the environment no matter the conditions nor weather, and even out-right being stranded in the wilderness and having to find their way back while learning about it. There were more than that, naturally, but these were some of the more common trials. And was time to prove himself.

At the age nine, date 24 A.N., Kimura was sent on his first mission. Kill the lone ninja that has been stalking the lands which the Jigumo owned. Though his first mission, it was almost quiet important at the time. This mission told whether or not Kimura was going to be a shinobi or not. Whether he had paid attention for the last five years. Whether he can kill a man or be killed. Thus, set off with a dagger, Kimura tracked down the man with the course of three days. And then he attacked. The battle was a long one. Though Kimura was skilled despite his age, the man had knowledge of poisons and traps, which he openly used on the young man. Nonetheless, in the end Kimura came out on top and dragged the man to the village, though he himself was seriously injured and was quickly being treated for his wounds.  This was the first time he had seen the likes of Medical Ninjutsu. He was amazed in all honesty. One was so easily healed of their injuries and of poisons. A useful skill to use on one's self when on the field of battle. A even more useful skill if it were somehow made offensively. Thus, Kimura began to train within the art of Medical Ninjutsu.

He learned the ins and outs of it, about the anatomy, about what poisons do what to who, about how to heal yourself in a very precise location. This, in the end, also granted him some chakra control as well, making him even more dangerous. The entire process lasted until he was 15. Since then Kimura was extensively taking mission after mission. Ending life after life. Even open warfare became apparent to him quite a few times. And within the entirety of it....Kimura never hesitated. He did what he was told without questioning it. Rather, he listened, even when his higher-up clansmen didn't know he was there. He knew what he was becoming and honestly didn't mind it too much, though he would prefer some self-control. Thus, from the tender age of 15,  Kimura began to smoke and drink. Addictions to keep his mind off the slaughter. It worked for the most part, even when he became 24. It was during that time he recieved his tattoos, unique eyes via surgery, black teeth, and some of his piercings. Why did he get all this, you may ask? Simple. To make his enemies fear him more. Time passed and Kimura grew more older and more skilled. He gained more self-control at his current age of 38 and was even helping reform some of the clan's customs. For example, he was trying to stop the harsh training the children recieved.

Then, at age 45, the Hidden Villages were formed and the Jigumo readily settled in Otogakure. Seeing his skill and prowess, Kimura was made into a Jonin. Currently, at the age of 50, he still retains much of his personality and addictions. However, he is much more accepting of killing now, but strongly refrains from hurting innocence.

Personality: Under normal circumstances, Kimura is a rather calm and laid-back person. He almost always has a general non-caring for about almost anything, but he also has a short temper and isn't so far from straight out smacking someone senseless. He tends to be out-right cold sometimes, easily making people cry with his negativeness. He is also rather perverse, a hobby of his being spying on the men and women at bathhouses. Despite this, he is rather compassionate and loving when around people he truly cares about, to the point that he is self-sacrificing. However most people scold him for his perverse and anger-filled antics. He often smokes or drinks, often stealing cigars and sake from shops undetected. He is a heavy smoker, something that can easily be seen. He generally fights opponents, weak or strong, the same; being as brutal as possible while maintaining control of the fight. When enraged, however, he will charge at whoever his is opponent  head-on, not caring the of the chances of him dying. Thus, he has proven himself to be reckless on numerous occasions.

He has also been shown to actually have morals. He'd never kill a innocent person unless he has a reason for it, for example. He would also never betray someone, as he loathes betrayal. To the point he would hunt down anyone who has betrayed him or one of his allies. He has a strong hatred towards sexism, racism, and anything similar that ends with "ism". He dislikes blatant ignorance and stupidity, which tends to easily annoy him. Kimura also hates it when people take his cigar right out of his mouth. Nonetheless, he has shown some behavior that doesn't revolve around him being pissed. He evidently loves sleeping, and tends to seem tired often, even if he really isn't. He also enjoys gambling, being somewhat of a competent player. One of his more favorite pass-times tends be drinking someone under the table.

In the end, Kimura can be best summed up as violent, rebellious, but somewhat honorable. He knows what right and wrong is, and strives to do whats right. Of course, he won't let anyone walk over him.

- Smoking
- Sleeping
- Fighting
- Drinking
- Talking
- Gambling

- Nagging
- Excessive Loudness
- Stupidity
- Cold
- Being Underestimated
- Non-smoking Areas

The Ninja

Rank: Jonin
Affiliation: Otogakure no Sato
Specialty: Taijutsu | Ninjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu
Element: Katon | Suiton | Raiton
Kekkei Genkai: Blessing of the Tsuchigumo
Health Pool: 200
Chakra Pool: 180
Strength: 5
Speed: 4


Alternate Characters: Munakata Koshimaru
Roleplay Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Kimura Jigumo   Tue May 31, 2016 1:59 am

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Kimura Jigumo
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