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 Paper Release: Paper Needles

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Koani Shikigani
Koani Shikigani

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Paper Release: Paper Needles Empty
PostSubject: Paper Release: Paper Needles   Paper Release: Paper Needles EmptyMon May 30, 2016 11:16 pm

Name: Paper Release: Paper Needles

Rank: D

Element: Paper

Specialties: Ninjustu

Requirements: Must be apart of the Shikigami Clan

Description: The justu causes bits of paper to fly off your body and form needles aiming at your target it has a range of 20 feet and the speed of 25-40 But because it is made of paper it could be destroyed more easily by other justus. It spawn 10 needles at a time after that your body would need to recharge on paper.

Damage: 10


Cooldown:1 post

Word Count: 500

Canon or Custom: Custom
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Paper Release: Paper Needles
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