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 Z The Zombie

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Z Man

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The Ninja
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PostSubject: Z The Zombie   Sun May 29, 2016 11:43 pm


Basic Info

Birthdate: November 30
Blood Type:O

Z has long dark hair and tan skin, due to him being in the sun a lot as a child. He could be seen as handsome, or at least he was before the threads throughout his body made him into something more than a man. He has a scar across his mouth from one end of his face to another. His irises are green and the rest of his eyes are bloodshot red.

He wears an oversized cloak to cover up his scarred and sewn together body. While tall, he is more built for speed than anything, with a cut up body and hardly no bulk.

The Person


Z doesn't remember much prior to him being an orphan. He lived in Kiri, and wandered the streets more than he stayed at home. When he was old enough to walk, he was taken from his foster home and experimented on my a mad scientist. Or at least thats what he made himself think. What really happened was that his foster parents sold him for a few months rent.

For seven long years, he was molded to be a monster, given abilities that would make any onlooker cringe. Then, at the age of twelve, he took a test and became genin. It wasn't until he had finally gotten the freedom to leave the village on missions at chunin rank, he left for good, but he took with him a bloodlust that he never thought he would quench. Now, at the age of eighteen, he is a missing nin who plans to flip the world upside down.

Z is heartless, which is ironic given his abilities. He doesn't have friends, nor does he have family. All he has is associates, and the moment they cease to be useful to him, he purges them from his life. He was taught that caring about something is weakness, so is careful not to let anyone in. The occasional woman has been able to catch his eye, but never his heart.


The Ninja

Rank:C-Rank Missing Nin
Kekkei Genkai:Earth Grude Fear
Health Pool:150
Chakra Pool:150


Alternate Characters:Rai Hyuga
Roleplay Sample:
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Myojin Yashagoro

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PostSubject: Re: Z The Zombie   Sun May 29, 2016 11:58 pm

Approved, Attractive Criminal
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Z The Zombie
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