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 Puppetry: Spider's Web[WIP]

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Yuudai Suzuki
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Anbu Captain
Yuudai Suzuki

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Puppetry: Spider's Web[WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Puppetry: Spider's Web[WIP]   Puppetry: Spider's Web[WIP] EmptySun May 29, 2016 12:49 am

Name: Puppetry: Spider's Web

Rank: S

Element: Fuuton

Specialties: Puppetry

Requirements: An enclosed space, such as a small room. Transference Kekkei Genkai. Taught by Yuudai.

Description: Upon activation of the Snake, Tiger, Boar, Hare, and Rat handsigns in that order, the user can, at the cost of not being able to use their puppet for the rest of the battle, actually utilize their puppet via the Transference Kekkei Genkai to force them to exert their own Chakra Strings, creating a large web within a small area. Those that are caught in the web would suffer cutting damage from the Chakra strings digging into the skin, as they would also be imbued with Fuuton Chakra, giving them some cutting power. In addition to losing the puppet, the user can no longer use anymore Puppetry techniques for 12 posts including posts out of the thread, as they exhausted their ability to form Chakra strings. The web would stretch from one end of the room to the other, and from ceiling to floor, covering it. The web can be absorbed by and Chakra absorption techniques, and Jutsu can pass through it. It can also be broken with A Rank Jutsu and above as well, and those trapped can break out of it with strength half of that of the user's.

Damage: 100, 20 per post afterwards.

Chakra: 60, 30 to maintain

Cooldown: 20 posts(including ones out of thread that it was used in.)+the maintained amount.

Word Count: 4000

Cannon or Custom: Custom
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Puppetry: Spider's Web[WIP]
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