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 1st Hokage

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PostSubject: 1st Hokage   Sun May 08, 2016 1:09 am

Basic Info

Name: Kino Senju
Blood Type: O Type
Bijuu: N/a
Clan: Senju
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 67.5 kg

Ninja Info

Rank: Hokage
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Medical Ninjutsu
Element: Earth, Water
Kekkei Genkai: Wood Release
Health Pool: 500
Chakra Pool: 500
Strength: 15
Speed: 15








During the year 50 A.N. Kino was head of the Senju clan and was at constant war with the Uchiha clan's Hiruzen, the clan leader. It wasn't until 60 A.N. that they put aside their differences and established the first village Konohagakure, after the first year of the village Kino was selected as the 1st Hokage and his advisor and best friend Hiruzen lead the village together. During this time they both traveled to the Land of Iron for the 1st Gokage Meeting in the year 64 A.N. it is unknown if they had ever made it to the meeting or not, but their bodies were returned to the village proof of their deaths.
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1st Hokage
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