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 Leaving Iwa - Arriving in the Land of Iron

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PostSubject: Leaving Iwa - Arriving in the Land of Iron   Thu May 26, 2016 10:28 pm

Koga reached the village gates, it would appear that his Anbu were already standing in the gateway. Upon arriving they spoke in unison "Lord Tsuchikage." It was impressive in his mind, so he nodded and they began to leave the village. As they walked the anbu named Crow would speak "Lord Tsuchikage, I believe we should travel by ferry. It is the fastest route halving the time need to get there, plus leaves time for you to rest before the meeting." The next anbu named Crab would speak "Yes, Lord Tsuchikage. I agree that it is the most efficient way to travel to the Land of Iron." Koga would sigh as he listened to these Anbu, even though he was no longer listening they continued to talk about it being the safest or the fastest or easiest, Koga finally stopped and began to speak "Okay, fine. The ferry it is now let's get there soon. I don't wanna be late, so let's go please." Koga would continue to walk looking around, it had been a long time since he had been outside of the village. He had been a member of the village for sometime but he was still around during the Warring State Era, it had not been long since that time period had ended. However, to Koga it had seemed like a long time, because the wars had ended and the ground wasn't soaked with innocent blood.

He finally zoned back in, he wondered how long he had been zoned out thinking. Arriving at the docks of the Land of Earth Koga was astonished at the vacant land, then he heard Crow speak "So, Dock master did you secure the transportation for the Tsuchikage alone?" Koga would roll his eyes, because God forbid he meet someone new. Koga walked on to the ferry looking out over the water, he stared towards their destination in the east. He began to wonder about the Gokage Meeting thinking of what to talk about, so inside Koga's mind:

'What if there is a fight? I need to make sure I am prepared. I know I can stand toe to toe with at least one, but I can't always assume the worst can I? No it could be peaceful perhaps peace can be achieved. I don't want the world to go back to the way it was men and women and even children killing each other because the leaders can't come to a decision, No it can't come to that again. I won't let it.'

Naraku began to let his on thoughts cause his chakra to spike, raising up around him. The sound of the docks of The Land of Iron broke his thought causing him to relax again, then he reached for the edge of the boat leaning over looking at the shore line. The boat bumped the shore line and Koga met the two Samurai, together the 5 people climbed the steps and into the tower for the Gokage Summit.
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Leaving Iwa - Arriving in the Land of Iron
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